FRIENDS: Our Chosen Family

Friendship is one of the purest forms of relationship. It’s a connection built on affection, love, and trust in each other. True friends are those who stay with you in your toughest times and show empathy to you no matter what. It is evident that when you are in any problem, the first thought that arises in your mind is FRIENDS. You also never miss a chance to share your happiness with them. If you are happy, your friends are, and vice-versa.

Always value your friends, their love, and their trust. Such people are rare who take care of you and ask about you as to how you are. Friendship can mold a person to his/her best version. They correct you when you go wrong and appreciate you when you are correct. Friends bring happiness and joy to our lives. Friends can have a great impact on your mental and physical health. When we are sad, they are always there as stressbusters.

From those crazy night stays to sleeping the whole day, we have had lots of fun. We plan to go out for movies, having yummy pizzas and burgers, enjoying fresh air by the beachside. Friends never fail to tease each other and be mischievous. They find reasons to irritate each other till the other person is tired of it. So, it’s always amazing to be surrounded by crazy friends.

Everything doesn’t always go peaceful. There are ups and downs in friendship too. If there are any misunderstandings or arguments, try to clear them out calmly. Never let go of the matter easily because genuine friendships are never that weak to break easily.

True friends are those-

  • Who accept you the way you are.
  • How big the matter maybe, they will not leave you to suffer alone. 
  • Who don’t hesitate to stay open with you.
  • Who cares for you feelings and love you the most.

Why are friends needed in life?

  • Emotional support: Friends are the ones who can completely relate to you in all situations because they have also undergone the same phase that you are. You have a belief that you possess friends who are available for you anytime you need them. They support you even when you don’t ask for it.
  • Stressbusters: If you are upset or sad, run to your friends for a bag filled with laughter. When you realize you have amazing friends around you who know your likes and dislikes, then they use those to make you happy.
  • Encourage you: It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed in the task you have tackled. You have friends who motivate you to your fullest whenever you need them.
  • Building your confidence: When you lose your self-esteem, friends are there who don’t let it break at any cost. They build up your confidence by praising you for how amazing you are.

Finding friends with the same disorder is a blessing !

Always aim at strengthening your friendship. Don’t stop yourself from sharing your problems or feelings with them assuming they would think bad about you. Spend time with them, try to understand their feelings, mingle with them whenever you have a chance.

Don’t make fake friendships. You are indeed using that person for your work to be done. And don’t encourage it too. They remember you when their work should be done and then forget you. Friends aren’t those who forget you, isn’t it?

True friends are the ones you stay with you till the end of your lives. Friends are the most precious gems of our lives. Always look after them whenever they need you, lock them in your hearts and support each other throughout your lives.