August 1st, 2019, I knew my world had changed, for one thing, I loved biology with all my heart, and the other was I was standing at the admission center of Sahyadri Engineering college. I was put into a whole different world from what I had previously planned up for myself. Till that day of my life, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to be a Doctor.

Maybe because all my life, I was around my cousins who were doctors too. But when I genuinely asked for their opinion, they asked me one thing, Studying MBBS and being a doctor is no joke, there will be times where you will be frustrated because there will be too much to study, you won’t be able to get proper sleep or even time for yourself, Do you still want to be a doctor? Well it was at that time something clicked in me, so even before I knew it, I had suddenly backed out. I wanted to do something different, at the same time I also wanted a bit of freedom, where I had time to concentrate on myself too. So now one thing was sure that, there was no turning back, no matter how hard it gets I will have to stick up with my choice of stream.

In A New Place And New Environment

It was a bit hard to open up with strangers, but the Induction program gave me a chance to speak with people, where I came to know some were in similar condition as mine. Then I met one of a senior, and she turned out to be my biggest blessing there. She introduced me to her friends. One of the many things we had in common was dancing, so she introduced me to a dance group from our college. I met some amazing dancers there. All the rehearsals kept me busy and didn’t give me a chance to think twice as to why I chose engineering. Without even knowing I had already blended in and made some friends. And formed our small group of friends of five people. Those who still are close to my heart.

An Unforgettable Experience

In the following month of October, we saw a notice was put up on the notice board of each class. It was a chance for us to go, participate, and attend events that were being held at different colleges in a different place, while with full attendance in each subject. Our class people were soon divided into two teams. One to go to BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, and the other one to Thapur University, Punjab. I was in the first team, of Hyderabad. We were a total of twenty-two people along with two mentors to guide us. Our team was named ‘The Hawx’. We had around two weeks to prepare all our bots. We stayed at college late nights, for work. It was a new experience too. Along with work we bonded and enjoyed while having dinner together in college.

I also caught a glimpse of what a team and teamwork actually were. Because in this field you can do things alone, but when in a team, be it the idea or the end product it comes a lot better than what you usually do alone. You learn to be understanding of each other and respect their opinions too. And also learn that some misunderstandings or problems can be solved by simply sitting and discussing, what and where things went wrong, then brainstorming ideas, and come up with an even better solution. And even then if things seemed very unsatisfying, we knew there was always someone to guide us, like our mentors who have already gone through with all the process and also know how to make the best of the worst situation that we may face during the competition.

Taking The Initiative

As all these events were going on, simultaneously every first-year student had an additional more practical subject called SIP – Social Innovative Program. Where we were divided into teams of five, every class was given a topic to work on, as for our class we were given the topic of ‘Horticulture’. We were asked to form a problem statement by asking them, what all problems they faced, as well as come up with a project as its solution. We interviewed farmers, shopkeepers, chemists, lecturers, This program taught me to be alert and also increased my level of curiosity. As it was teamwork, it also improved my team-building skills and initiation-taking skills. As the interview was to be done in a formal manner, it also helped me improve my soft skills, and my teammates also helped me boost my confidence.

Overall the whole year, I discovered my new sides that I didn’t even know existed. I had a great year filled with both sweet and some bitter memories. Even though I don’t know what the future holds for me, this time I will be looking forward to it!