In student life, studying plays a critical role. The method of studying differs from student to student. Also, some students can learn in a short time and can even memorize new things at the last minute before exams. 


The only thing needed during studies is “FOCUS”.

 Here are some tips for what NOT to do while studying.

 1. Put down the highlighters

Yes, using too many highlighters might distract your focus. So, use a maximum of two highlighters. Never use highlighters before re-reading the text. Avoid using it as a way not to take notes. Taking handwritten notes is highly recommended and using a highlighter in handwritten notes is the best way to study.

Taking notes is essential
Taking notes is essential

2. Avoid re-reading too much

Re-reading the entirety of the same text you read for initial learning doesn’t appear to work. Remember, this is re-reading for studying, not initial learning. During initial learning, it will likely take two (or more) readings of the material.

3.Use your bed for sleeping

Lying down in your bed while studying is not a great idea. Researches show that our mind is less likely to work on studying in bed. Everyone has preferences for places to study.

Don't lie on bed while studying.
Don’t lie on bed while studying.

Some people like large, crowded spaces, while other like isolated silence. Look for a study place that: 

  • Good lighting
  • near your stationery supplies and books
  • Calm background
  • isn’t too hot or cold
  • a comfortable seat

4.No music while studying

Never listen to music while studying. Researches show that listening to music while studying can activate the wrong part of the brain to store. So, listen to all music before studying. If you still want to listen to music, then turn on some light classic melodies in the background, which is preferable. 

5.Not a marathon

If you plan on studying for a long time, then stick to a schedule with regular breaks. Don’t do a marathon on studying, which has high chances of making your brain tired and tendency to store more.