Not Everybody Gets The Privilege Of Having A Happy Family

From laughing loud to crying in silence, we all have experienced the importance of family. The family is the one such place you experience genuine love, the place where you can never find partiality in trust and love. Family is always there to support you in all the right decisions you make and restrict you from the incorrect decisions you take. Family encourages you to connect with people physically, emotionally, and mentally. It identifies you as a capable individual of reaching his/her goals without any hesitations.

How lucky are those people who have a complete family, aren’t they? They have many people around them with whom they can spend time, share their feelings, and experience all the ups and downs in life. The absence of that one really important person breaks you into pieces. Never feel suffocated you are in a joint or a complete family. Think you have a lot of support that only a few people get in their life. Family is a bunch of teachers and students, teachers being who direct you throughout your life and students being from whom you learn not to make mistakes.

The most important lesson is family teaches us our values. They teach us how to respect elders, the importance of helping people in need. Basically, the family is filled with all the interesting topics and lessons we want. The importance of a balanced life can be learnt from family. The right way of maintaining a healthy relationship with family members is by spending time with them, playing games with them, going on outings.

A complete family completes your world. Privileged are those who are blessed with a complete family. Some people don’t acknowledge the importance of a complete family. They take family for granted. They feel parents control them. They don’t spend time with them. There are so many families in this world in which one or the other family member isn’t there. The reason for the separation can be anything, but the loss is irreplaceable. People with the loss really feel helpless in such situations when they desperately need them.

Imagine a family who just makes a home, not a house. A place where family members stay happy, has small fights or arguments, come tired from work to have a good relaxation with family members is HOME. A HOUSE is a place filled with lots of fights, no proper conversations and a lot of misunderstandings.


  • You keep your family as a first priority. 
  • Not allow a third person break your family.
  • You trust and love each other unconditionally.
  • Understand and support each other.

It is not very easy to break your family until you put all your efforts to save it. It is important to sit and engage in a calm and healthy conversation on where we went wrong, what are the areas for us to work on so that we don’t commit same mistakes again. In a relationship, understanding is extremely important. If one partner fails to understand, the other should be more understanding to handle the situation very well. A family with constant fights and a lot of misunderstandings will never last long. It’s very important to stay united to save relationships.

A family is blessing where people get to stay happy and share all the matters openly without any hesitations. Always feel lucky to be born in a family where parents are supportive, loving and are ready to do anything for your happiness.