Five Mesmerizing Waterfalls in the World

Check out the five mesmerizing waterfalls in the world here!

1.Angel Waterfalls – Venezuela

Angel fall is the waterfall located in the Canaima National Park, the biggest national park in Venezuela, it is the third biggest in the world and is known for its breathtaking beauty.

The waterfall drops over the edge of the Auyantepui mountain in the Canaima National Park. It is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 meters (3,212 ft) and a plunge of 807 meters (2,648 ft).

The Angel Falls
The Angel waterfalls

2.Victoria Waterfalls – Zambia

While known as the world’s largest waterfall Victoria Falls is neither the highest (Angel Falls) nor the widest (Khone Falls). However, it is the largest curtain of falling water on the planet, one and a half times wider than Niagra Falls and twice as high. The falls are 1708 wide and 108 meters high. Every minute, over 5 million cubic water pour over the falls.

The Victoria falls
The Victoria waterfalls

3.Niagara Waterfalls – United States of America

Niagara Falls is a geological wonder and one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, straddling the border between the United States and Canada. Niagara is made up of three separate waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls (or Canadian Falls), American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. The second-largest waterfall in the world after Victoria Falls in Africa. 

The Niagara falls
The Niagara waterfalls

4.Kunchikal Waterfalls – Karnataka 

Located on the Shimoga -Udupi border in Karnataka, Kunchikal Falls is formed by the River Varahi. The waterfall from a height of 455 meters in a cascading form on these rocky boulders giving an impressive sight. The Kunchikal waterfall is India’s highest waterfall.

The Kunchikal falls
The Kunchikal waterfalls

5.Tugela Waterfalls – South Africa

Tugela Falls is the second-highest waterfall in the world and is at an astounding height of 3110 feet. At the right time of year, the falls are easily visible, especially after heavy rain. There is an undeveloped campsite and mountain hut immediately above the falls. There are two trails to Tugela Falls.

The Kunchikal falls
The Tugela waterfalls