The Importance of Value Education

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Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Value education focuses on the development of a person’s personality so that he or she can deal with difficult situations and have a successful future. It emphasizes on teaching universal characteristics like patience, moral values, honesty, punctuality, sportsmanship, neatness, respect for elders, compassion, and so on. This aids in the development of a child’s ability to adapt to ever-changing situations while carrying out their moral, social, and democratic responsibilities. This is what Art of Living is all about, and it helps people find serenity, health, and happiness within themselves.

Today we seem to be surrounded by a generation of children whose behavior is reckless and egoistic. They appear to be working towards only satisfying their own needs and interests. There are so many shocking news reports of teenagers who steal, commit…

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