How valuable you are?

Good evening people how are you all; I hope all are doing great. 🙂 So without wasting your precious time let me start my today’s content. Today’s content is all about to make you all understand about how valuable you are. So let’s begin it with a small story.

  • A man once called his son and told him that he would give him something extraordinary, something extremely valuable, from within a safety vault he pulled out a red velvet box and gently opened it. Inside the box was an old watch. As he handed the watch over to his son, the man said, “This watch is very special” it has come down to us over 3 generations and is at least over 200years old. “You can use it; you can keep it as a memoir or just sell it, and get money to buy whatever you like.” A little disappointed, the young son looked at his father and said, “Dad, this watch is so outdated. I don’t think I can wear it. And it is so old, I am not even sure if it could be sold.”  The man took his son to a watchmaker’s shop nearby to show him how valuable that watch was. The watchmaker examined the watch carefully and said, “Since the watch is so old, all I can give is for this is $5.” The young man turned to his father with an expression on his face which was like, I told you right? The father than took a son to pawn shop where they offer you a loan for personal items kept as collateral. The owner of the pawn shop looked at the watch for a while and turned to the man and said “you expect money for this piece of scrap? All we would do with this is we would throw it to the rubbish bin. Sorry, we cannot offer anything for this. ”Relentless, the man now took his son to a museum they went to see the chief of the museum who was an expert in finding the worth of the old things, when the chief saw the watch, he exclaimed, “Incredible, so well crafted! Such precision in its design! Look at the quality of the materials; a watch like this is priceless. But we can offer you a million dollars for it. “Thank you  for choosing to come to us with this watch,” The young man stood there gob smacked with eyes wide open, not even blinking at his father, the proud owner of the watch, very happily accepted the deal. And sold the antique piece for a million dollars. As they both walk back home the father said: “Always know this one thing son. Like the watch, “YOU WILL ONLY BE VALUED IF YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE” Watch makers repair watches, their eyes can see tiny screws in watch parts, but a wrong place for an antique piece like this, Pawn shops use them as collaterals, they can only see everything based on their current market value, Wrong place for an antique piece like this. But at a museum which displays ancient valuable, antiques, and experts can see beyond watch parts, beyond the current market rates of the watches. They can see the actual value of the object, absolutely the right place for an antique piece like this. So sons “if you find yourself not being valued, don’t get angry or frustrated! Know that you are probably in the wrong place” being judged by the people who see tiny parts of you, tiny parts of your life, not the whole you or being judged by people who see you for how much is your net worth, how much is your current market value. They see you for what you have not for who you are, “seek for those who can see your real value beyond all the externals” who have the expert vision to see the true you beyond all your short comings and all your faults. Those who can see your true value, your true potential, they will inspire you to do well. To live well, to love, to grow and to rise in life. Friends isn’t it true that “every individual has a special sense of worth” All we need is someone who can see that worth in us. And make us see that worth in our self as well. There is a beautiful Sanskrit verse which says,
  • “amantram aksharam naasti”: There is no akshar or letter that cannot be turned into a mantra.
  •  “naasti mulam anaushadham”: There’s no plant \root\herb that is not medicinal.
  • “ayogyam purusho naasti” There’s no person who is unworthy.

You know friends what’s lacking?

  • “yojakas tatra durlabha”: What’s lacking is an expert who can see the values, the worth in us and encourage us on our path!

So my lovely readers the moral of the story is know your worth, love yourself, endure yourself, and make yourself a better person everyday.

And here the story ends I hope, you all would have got a new thought and lesson from my today’s content

#inspiredbygaurgopaldas #spread positivity #keep smiling #stay safe.:)