World water week 2021.

● The World Water Week is an annual event organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) since 1991 to address the global water issues and related concerns of international development.

● The World Water Week 2021 has been organised from 23-27 August, in entirely digital format.

● The theme for World Water Week 2021 is ‘Building Resilience Faster’.

The world is changing and so are we. World Water Week 2021 will have a new, digital format to meet people where they are – both physically and mentally – and find better ways to bring about the transformation we all know is desperately needed. “Given the ongoing global pandemic, this was a natural decision. No one knows what the world will look like in August 2021, but one thing you can count on – World Water Week is happening, no matter what. For us, it is important to be able to promise that,” says Torgny Holmgren, Executive Director of Stockholm International Water Institute.

Over 3300 participants attended the conference in 2017.The week feature experts and representatives from business, governments, water management and science sectors, intergovernmental and non governmental organisations, research and training organisations, and United Nations agencies. The conference features plenary sessions and panel debates, scientific workshops, poster exhibitions, side events and seminars. In 2017, 380 organisations from 138 countries all over the world participated in World Water Week.

Functioning as an open and dynamic platform, World Water Week aims to link practice, science, policy and decision-making. It enables participants to exchange views and experiences, form partnerships and shape joint solutions to global water challenges. During the week, the Stockholm Water Prize, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, and the Stockholm Industry Water Award are given out at their respective award ceremonies.

Why is world water day celebrated?

The World Water Week in Stockholm originally began as the Stockholm Water Symposium in 1991 and has been convened annually ever since. In 2001, the official name became World Water Week in Stockholm. SIWI identifies a conference theme to place a specific focus on one aspect of the world’s escalating water crisis. Initially, one theme was promoted for 4–5 years. Since 2008, a different theme has been selected for each year.

Hosted and organized by SIWI, World Water Week is the leading annual global event for concretely addressing the planet’s major water issues. In 2021, World Water Week 2021 will be held entirely online, 23-27 August, with the theme Building Resilience Faster.