Yadadri Temple – More expensive than Ram Mandir

The centuries-old temple on Yadagirigutta, renamed now as Yadadri, was initially confined to just 2,500 square yards of area. Currently, the temple complex encompasses over 14.5 acres.

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s dream was to build a magnificent temple in the state that matches Tirumala, India’s richest temple in the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, and it is now a realty.

The ancient cave shrine of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy on the picturesque hills of Yadagirigutta, about 70-km away from Hyderabad, is getting ready for inauguration with a complete makeover at cost of nearly ₹1,000 crore.

Hundreds of workers have sweated day and night to make this mission successful and gave final touches to the magnificient 1000 year old temple. Not single brick has been used while constructing the temple. The temple was built entirely using ‘Krishnasila’ or black granite. They were brought from Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh. Civil engineers and civic officials have raced against the time to complete the necessary civic infrastructure to provide all amenities for the pilgrims.

The temple has more than 100 ‘Yali Pillars’ — as prominently seen in South India’s temples. According to Hindu mythology, Yali is a creature which is part lion, part elephant and part horse. It is sculpted on the pillars.A sprawling 14.5-acre temple complex consists of seven temple domes, including a 100-foot main dome. Chief Architect of the Temple (Sthapathy Advisor) Velu Anandachari said the special mortar and granite would maintain temperature inside the temple according to the seasons. In summers the temple would be cool, in winters warm.Architects said aloe vera was primarily used as an adhesive in the mortar mix, and the inknut would ward off insects — drawn because of the jaggery.At least 3,000 tonnes of mortar were used for the temple. The mix was set aside for a month before being applied. This gave a better finish, architects said.

Similarly, works on pushkarni (tank where devotees take a holy dip before having darshan), Kalyana Katta (tonsuring hall), circular road and queue lines, prasadam complex, works on various other developmental works in the pilgrim town including provision of tourist facilities comprising cottages, multilevel parking and housing for the temple priests in a total area of 1,400 acres have been completed have been completed by March end and temple has been inaugurated in May.

The total cost of the Yadadri project is around ₹1,800 crore

The centuries-old temple on Yadagirigutta, renamed now as Yadadri, was originally confined to just 2,500 square yards of area. Now, the temple complex is spread over 14.5 acres. The main hillock where the cave temple is located and eight other hills and lush green forests adjacent to it are being developed into a beautiful temple town.

The temple has been redeveloped according to the ancient Agama shastra (scriptures dealing with construction of temples) and other Vedic scriptures and is going to be the center of pilgrimage in Telangana.