Things we shouldn’t do abroad!

Are you planning for an abroad trip? If yes, get to know things you shouldn’t do abroad. We travel to abroad for various reasons, to study, work, try new things, to disconnect and reconnect.

Travelling makes us happier. It can also boost your creativity. Creates a space for us to get to know and learn about new cultures. The feel of travelling to a new place and returning to your comfort zone is fascinating. Hodophile is the word for “one who loves to travel.”


Travelling is not a need. It is just an option, few love to travel while others don’t. Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean luxurious and lavishly spending. It helps us to broaden our horizons. Being exposed to new people, environment, and forces us to get out of our comfort zone.



In India, we believe in eating the food using hands as its part of our culture. Using your left hand to eat is not appreciated unless you are left-hander. It might sound bizarre for tourists. What is considered as a custom in a country need not be universal.

We use cutlery, such as fork, spoon, knife but in Thailand, it is rude to use a fork to eat. Do you find slurping annoying? Well, it is considered a good gesture in Japan. Making that sound while having noodles is not weird. It conveys that you are enjoying the food and complimenting the cook.

In some countries, leaving the plate empty is considered a good gesture but China thinks the opposite. People assume when the plate is empty you are hungry and in need of more food. In China, flipping the fish when served is assumed bad luck.

Italy is known for their love for food. There, adding cheese to seafood is not admired. In South Korea, the eldest at the table takes the first bite. Also leaving chopstick upright in the bowl and waving chopstick around considered rude in China.

British is known for their love for tea. While stirring the spoon shouldn’t touch the sides of the cup. Neither should we leave the spoon in cup. It must be placed on the saucer.


In Thailand, even if it’s hot people have to keep their shirts on. Another strange traffic rule is, in Phillipine, people can’t drive in certain areas based upon what day of the week it is and the last digit on their license plate. The driver can be fined if found driving. New Jersey also has a strange law where residents are required by law to honk prior to passing, which will be so confusing.

In Russia, driving a dirty car would end up in fine. It doesn’t matter whether the car is dirty inside or outside. Anyone requiring vision-correcting glasses in order to drive the streets of Spain must keep a spare set in their car at all times


In Japan, don’t leave tips. They believe that you are already paying for a good service, so there is no need for extra. You can instead just thank the waiter and waitress. I find is reasonable and fascinating.

In Ukraine, avoid giving even number of flowers. Even number of flowers are given for funeral. In some countries, yellow flower is a sign of betrayal.

In China, avoid presenting umbrella and clock as gifts. It is considered bad omen, as it indicates attending a funeral ritual. The Chinese word for umbrella sounds like breaking up.

In Germany don’t congratulate before the birthday. Wishing someone early brings bad luck. It is strange to know that it also indicates arrogance as the person will live till the birthday. Life is uncertain! Yes. But thus is weird.

There are more such facts and beliefs. It is fascinating to know about countries and their culture.