History of Computers

The computer was born not for entertainment or email but out of a need to solve a serious number-crunching crisis. By 1880, the U.S. population had grown so large that it took more than seven years to tabulate the U.S. Census results. The government sought a faster way to get the job done, giving rise to punch-card based computers that took up entire rooms.

Today, we carry more computing power on our smartphones than was available in these early models. The following brief history of computing is a timeline of how computers evolved from their humble beginnings to the machines of today that surf the Internet, play games and stream multimedia in addition to crunching numbers.

Parts of computer

The computer is one of the most versatile and beneficial inventions for mankind. Its enormous capacity to process data makes it a fundamental part of the development of the world. There are some basic parts of computer that make it possible to process and complete the task at extraordinary speed.


The computer monitor is a significant part, without it the user cannot function the computer. The screen of the monitor allows the user to interact with the computer. The monitor screen is for visual display of all types of information provided by the computer.

The main function of the monitor is obviously visual. As it acts as an interface between the CPU and the user. It doesn’t matter how powerful or fast your computer is, without a monitor display, the computer is incomplete or even useless.

The monitor is designed to display all kinds of information like image, video, symbolic, graphical, etc, as Soft Copy on its screen. A cable is connected with a video adapter that is set up with the computer’s motherboard to display the given data.

Through computer monitors, we can carry out, or view all the important content, review stored information, and do a lot of tasks.


The keyboard is one of the most important parts of computer. The keyboard is designed to input the data by typing letters, symbols, numbers (ABC,123,!@#). The keyboard is used for writing work on the computer.

The shape of the keyboard is rectangular and the buttons are arranged horizontal contain about 108 Keys. These keys allowing us to the entry of information encoded into the computer system by pressing the keys.

The main function of the keyboard is to enter data and information into the computer. The keyboard is a means of communicating with the computer system by the user. By using Keyboard, we can make PPT, spreadsheets, use the Internet, calculations, sending mails, etc, on the monitor screen.


The mouse is an input device also known as a pointing device of a computer. Its main function is to facilitate user interaction with the monitor screen of the computer like the keyboard. A mouse is a device connected to a computer for controlling the cursor on the screen.

The control is detected by the mouse when it is moving it along on the flat surface on which it is located, as well as by pressing the buttons that located on the upper surface of the device and scrolling the wheel, which, as a rule, is located between the control buttons.

In this way, it issues various commands and information to the computer to perform certain actions, that it is interpreted by the CPU and, thus, the mouse pointer imitates the movement on the computer screen.

Some mice types have a Laser Light or some have a rubber ball attached below it. When the mouse moves on a surface, the rubber ball rotates or laser light also moves. The speed and direction of the mouse convert into the monitor’s screen cursor, this is how the mouse works.

The mouse is placed on the Mouse Pad, for controlling the cursor. By Right-Clicking, Left-Clicking, Dragging, scrolling, Double Clicking. By using the mouse, we can do basic tasks on the computer like selecting, opening, deleting the files and folders, etc.


A printer is a device whose main function is to print electronic information like text and images onto paper as a hard copy. In this way, the process of transferring data to hard paper is called printing, and the result is a printout.

The printer prints the files like images, and text stored in a computer, by converting the data from soft copy to hard copy. Printers are used to print signs, printing online images, Excel sheets, PPT, and office documents at offices.

Normally the printer is equipped with a computer with a USB port, LAN, Ethernet, or simply a wireless connection. At present, many printed devices are featured with technologies like Wi-Fi, Cloud, and Bluetooth. Due to this, it becomes easier to complete the printing task by computer. case

The computer case is a visible and most important part of computers also known as the computer tower and chassis. It is used to store the main components of a computer like a motherboard with a processor, power supply, a video card, and RAM, hard disks, CPU fans, optical disk drive, memory cards, etc.

A computer tower is not only a “packing box”, but also an important function that provides storage and rigid fixation of all its internal devices. As well as providing them with a power supply and a hard protective structure against internal damage from external influences like dust, liquid, etc.

There are a lot of sizes and models of computer cases, and each type of case is designed to occur storage and perform a specific task.


The computer motherboard is to acts as the main circuit that enables the integration of all components of a computer. Its main function is to connect the different devices, components, or peripherals to the systems to transport the information to the corresponding destination, through this, it facilitates communication between devices.

They are designed based on the type of CPU (central processing unit) in which they will be installed. The motherboard houses the connectors necessary for the processor, RAM, ports, and other devices like video cards, network cards, ROM, processors, power supply, etc.

The main function of the motherboard is communication between the devices that include, control and monitoring, administration, or management of electrical energy as well as its distribution throughout the computer.


The processor is the most important component placed on the motherboard, present in the computer case as a CPU (Central Processing Unit). The processor acts as the brain of the entire operation of the computer system and it is the 4th generation of computer.

The processor unit allows the computer to perform different tasks like processing the data, control the operation of all the computer’s devices, and most importantly performing logical and mathematical operations.

And other actions like controlling the flow of information within the PC, managing and controlling the RAM and ROM memory, and performing basic operations on the computer’s data.

In simple words, it is just processes everything that happens on the computer and executes all the actions. The faster the processor a computer has, the faster the computer will be work.


The hard drive or HDD is one of the computer storage devices that can store any kind of digital information based on magnetic technology. As well a Hard drive is a ROM Memory of computers.

They are used to store the information and data like photos, videos, text small or big files, computer programs storing backup copies of data, like file storage, etc. on our computer system.

The storage capacities of the hard drive disk have now reached 6TB. On such a 6TB hard drive computer is able to can store up to 1,600,000 photos or 615 hours of video and up to 2,000,000 songs.

In this way, it is possible to keep the information stored on such a medium permanently (hence it is not volatile memory). And one of the important parts of computer.

However, a computer user can use other latest storage devices like Pen drive, SSD, Memory card, etc.


The RAM’s full form is ‘Random Access Memory’. RAM is a type of operative memory of computer systems. The ROM memory is used to store data but in the case of RAM memory is used to run the whole computer system in real-time.

Like the processor, RAM is inserted into the motherboard for communication with various elements of the system. RAM runs the software like computer programs, games, software applications, and other information in (CPU) the central processing unit for direct and quick access when needed to perform tasks.

RAM is the fastest type of memory, and it has the ability to be read and write the data but temporarily until the Power Supply to the device. Because as the computer is turned off, all the processed data of RAM automatically goes to the trash.

Nowadays the maximum capacity of RAM is up to 32 GB that is specially made for gaming computers.


Computer speakers are a way that computers make sounds by means of digital or analog audio. In other terms, the speaker is also called the ‘dynamic head’. This speaker can now be found on many other devices, like, on a TV, radio, smartphone, telephone, children’s toys, and others.

The main function of speakers is a way for computers to interact with their users. These provide a means for the computer to produce audio. The sound produced by computer speakers is done by a hardware component whose name is a sound card that is pre-installed with the computer.

The speaker is important because for listening to the audios and sounds fo the videos and games which is significant for a computer user to perform all kinds of tasks on the computer.

However, in order to increase the sound of the computer in a louder way one may need external speakers. Alternatives to the speaker for computers are headphones, earphones, earbuds, etc.

Uses of computer


* Playing computer games
* Writing
* Solving math problems
* Watching videos
* Listening to music and audio
* Audio, Video and photo editing
* Creating sound or video
* Communicating with other people
* Using The Internet
* Online shopping
* Drawing
* Online bill payments
* online business


* Word processing
* Spreadsheets
* Presentations
* Photo Editing
* E-mail
* Video editing/rendering/encoding
* Audio recording
* System Management
* Website Development
* Software Development