Is universe really powerfull

Listen to what the universe has to say to you, it can reveal a lot about where you need to be and what steps to take towards reaching your goals and happiness.
How many of you feel lost, unhappy and dissatisfied with what you are doing and where you are in the present? How many of you feel — ‘This is not what I am meant to do in life’ or ‘my marriage has no spark’ or ‘my health is suffering’? And are waiting for a miracle to happen.
The truth is whatever is happening in your life is for a reason and there are no coincidences. You might have to endure hardships in life before you find the job you desire, or face financial crisis before you learn how to respect money, or be in an abusive relationship before you realise self-worth, or go through a painful heartbreak before you find your better half and so on. The universe is constantly sending you messages but are you really paying attention or are you just caught up in a rat race?
If you are unhappy, it’s a sign that you aren’t on the right path and need to make changes. You have a choice — the change can either be internal or external. For example, if you are unhappy, you can either make an external change by quitting or internally by changing your perception and how you react to it.