Man Vs Machine

Machines are man-made so humans and machines work differently. Machines were created to make human life easier. A single gadget engine consists of different components. Some people believe that AI works better than the human brain when it has AI vs human brain. As time goes on people keep running the machines. People had to work together because communication through electronics was not possible. We are happy to accurately evaluate and solve our problems with people.

Man vs machine
Machines are the creation of mankind
Humans were created from flesh and blood, and they have life. Individuals have feelings and emotions, expressing different emotions at different times. Machines operate from their own man-made mechanical brain. People understand things and respond appropriately and therefore have no understanding of machines.

People are older and self-centered people. They create and invent new things but machines cannot do this kind of work because they use AI. Machines work and are man-made. People are blessed with ingenuity and emotion, but machines have AI. Humans have different abilities such as language, pattern recognition and artistic thinking.

Impact of technology on human health
Machinery and technology replace many workloads and this is often the biggest reason for lack of jobs and hence the backlog of kits. As people are replaced by machines, some jobs are also done. Industrial change also led to unemployment and, as a result, the loss of middle-class talent in various fields.

Other effects of the machine on humans are efficiency, war and destruction.

Environmental pollution has increased due to increasing vehicle consumption. The impact of technology on our environment is complex and we are dealing with severe global climate change such as warming that can lead to many diseases in humans. Machines are facing the extinction of many bird, plant and animal species due to global climate change.