What is Optical Fiber Network

  1. Bandwidth
    Investing in fiber optic net will considerably increase your information measure potential. Copper wire infrastructure and TDM technology ar restricted in nature. as a result of it had been originally designed for transmission voice calls solely, the demand for information measure wasn’t high. as an example, T-1 will solely carry one.5 Mbps of outturnand since of however electrical signal works, many sorts of connections over cable ar restricted by distance.
    Ethernet over Copper service (EoC) is usually not obtainable if the circuit is longer than fifteen,000 feet. For organizations considering shifting their voice communications to Voice-over-IP (VoIP), having your information measure delivered over fiber is an imperative plus.
  2. ) Upload and transfer speed

Is the speed increase of fiber optic net noticeable compared to cable? completely.
Many Atlantech on-line customers mistreatment fiber to attach to our network will transmit information at one gigabit per second. that is repeatedly quicker than the federal government’s definition of broadband service, that is twenty five Mbps uploads and three Mbps for downloads as of Gregorian calendar month 2019.
Tech journal NorthWest writes that downloads that take twenty two minutes over most copper wire net connections will take as very little as eight seconds over fiber.
With this technological advancement, the thought of “waiting for issues to load” is close to be a thing of the past.

3) Reliablity

There ar several factors which will cause outages once a company is dependent on copper cable-based net. Temperature fluctuations, severe climatic conditions, and wetness will all cause a loss of propertyrecent or worn copper cable will even gift a hearth hazard, thanks to the very fact it carries an electrical current.
Additional dependableness considerations related to cable embody risks of interference from electronic or radio signals. in addition, copper wires ar accessed within the building by utility personnel and typically they’ll build mistakes and manipulate the incorrect wires.