About Afforestation & it’s pros

Forests provide fresh air, water and food grains, which force the creatures to survive in the world. There is no life when there are no forests. During this article we will look at the benefits of those forests and their current status.
The supply of life is wild
It is an observation that only living things on earth sleep in a stellar family, that only air and water exist on earth. The fact is that every living thing on Earth can survive, although researchers are researching whether the square measurements contain enough air and water for the planets to sustain life. This air contains gases such as N, oxygen and greenhouse gases. All living things absorb atomic number 8 and do not use greenhouse gases. At constant times, plants absorb greenhouse gas, do not use atomic number 8, and supply fresh air to measure organisms.
Water supply forest
Water is essential for humans and living things. This water has been on the U.S. market since the fall. Wherever it rains it is usually inside forests. It rains because of the forests. There are no trees in the desert. So no rain. Many of the trees are square inside the hills. Thus it rains abundantly. These forests provide freshwater to the world and American groundwater.
Shade trees and forests
Creatures rest in the shade of a tree as they travel from one place to another. That is why all the kings planted trees on both sides of the roads.
Forests that prevent wear
When it rains and the water flows, the soil washes away. Hence residential square measurements are wasted. However the roots of the trees are so close to the soil that the wear must be prevented.
Jungle to help home
In addition to the above, trees are also used to build doors, tables, beds and shelves for humans to measure.
Food and give medicine trees
The fruits of the square measure trees are used as food for humans and animals. The leaves, bark, roots, fruits and nuts of many trees are also used medicinally. Water falling on some plants and falling on America is also used as medicine.