Shashi Tharoor, a name or a class to dignify the Indians at global level that, we could rule in every state, whether it is a science and technology or just a mere language of which the Britishers were proud of. His accent and knowledge of English literature is impeccable. Mostly people think of him as ‘Oxford dictionary’, due to his commendable dialect. He is a very famous Indian politician, writer and former international diplomat. He has authored many books. But here we are going to talk about one of his book named An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India. It was published in 2016 backlashing over the British rule. In his book, he had talked about the torture people faced during colonization, where we were treated like animals without freedom. He also add on the present situation comparing it with the previous one. He stated, in his book, that it was the guilt which can’t be forgiven yet they (Britishers) haven’t asked for an apology. It is an ugly truth which one could barely deny. Over time people are forgetting these things. But these things have been kept alive even today by writers like him so that the truth remains intact till the people. He talks about GDP of India, where he explains the largest dig of Britishers was to loot the wealthy country. It has also points regarding railways termed as scam, which he had explained with the evidence of literature and documents rooted of that time. He states “The British, created rule poverty as their direct result of their action. The book depicts about the industry and their revenues, which were giving the enemies, the monetary power to rule. He picturizes the assassination of innocent lives during British Raj.