Facebook holds Instagram Kids for a while

Facebook placed a hold on Instagram for Kids after a pushback

The progress of Instagram kids is currently on hold as a social media platform for children under age 13, Instagram for Kids is an app developed for content consumers which covers a vast audience that is new to social media and want to consume polite and more filtered content.

Instagram is a social media platform that allows people to share their pictures, stories, reels and videos with the world and connect with individuals with the help of the Internet.

Instagram officials said the update might get delayed, it will provide enough time to indulge developers with parents, policymakers, regulators and experts to hear their concerns and result in the final development of the application for the younger audiences around the Globe.

The update took on hold due to mental health issues and anxiety in some teenagers to stop this, Facebook developers working on the content that has to push for teenagers.

Why is Facebook doing this now?

The company’s move follows an explosive mid-September report by The Wall Street Journal that found Facebook knew from its own research that Instagram was harming some teens, especially girls, leading to mental health and body image problems and in some cases eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.

In public, however, Facebook has consistently played down the app’s negative side and until now has barrelled ahead with the kids’ version despite alarms from experts, lawmakers and its own research. It has also relentlessly criticized the Journal article as cherry-picking from Facebook’s research, though it did not dispute the facts. That story, however, was based on internal research leaked by a whistleblower at the company.