Humans are not born blank slates, which makes it incredibly difficult to discover the true nature of human behavior. European philosophers were the first to agree that our actions are not motivated by rationality because they’re blindly driven by emotions. The existence of these two opposing forces is what guided many thinkers toward the study of psychology. Are humans rational or emotional beings? The answer is neither-we are both but one cannot always control the other, so there’s always uncertainty when it comes to predicting future choices and reactions.

The theories which describe our behavior can vary based on the culture or culture in question. For example, North Americans see the world in terms of dualism, while Asians tend to develop holistic views because they believe in harmony and balance. The point is that what you believe is true for your culture or country cannot always be applied to other cultures or countries blindly because each one has its own unique history and society.

Psychology is an attempt at explaining human behavior within the framework of how the mind works, both yours and others’.
Psychology is a science that applies psychological knowledge to explain behavior. It has four main fields: cognition, emotion, motivation and development.
In the subject of psychology, the word “memory” is often used interchangeably with “memorizing”. In fact, they are not exactly the same thing. In psychology, the term memory refers to an event that has been experienced or observed in the past. It may involve all or part of a visual image as well as a sound or smell.