Fix your browser opening by itself in android

Hey all! technology is an inseparable part of our lives. And when we talk about technology how can we forget about our mobile phones. None of us want any malfunction in these devices we carry in our pockets daily. Android is quite possibly the most well-known working system with regards to mobile phones and is something that numerous clients can’t simply manage their day without. However, nothing comes without problems likewise, with some other gadget, it can have a lot of issues. Android phones are often reported of various problems occurring due to several reasons. We are going to discuss one such prevalent issue and the solution to it. a plethora of android users repine about their web browser opening itself and this causes them an abundance of arduousness in utilizing their device.

Let us begin by discussing what could cause this trouble in your android device. Below are listed few reasons which might be troubling you: –

1)    Visiting any unsafe website: one very prevalent reason for your android browser malfunction could be if you visited any unknown/unsafe website. this could pave a way for sundry viruses to enter your android and cause trouble in its functioning.

2)    Downloading applications from obscure sources: using third-party apps can also be harmful to your device. Downloading apps from unknown sources is another way for malware to enter your android mobile device. Third-party apps are often reported to harm the system’s functioning. So, always avoid downloading applications from an unsafe site.

3)    Android upgrade: you are not to be blamed for this, sometimes the system upgrades instead of improving the functioning of your device cause various problems in it. it’s often reported that users face the issue of their web browser opening on its own after upgrading their device.

4)    Processing resetting your Android phone in the incorrect manner: you might think of resetting your phone as the easiest way to solve any issue but this doesn’t solve always solve your problem, sometimes it might create a new issue. If you reset your android phone in the incorrect manner, it might cause a problem in your web browser.

5)    Pairing your phone with an affected device:  you might have Paired your phone with another phone or PC that is affected by malware which paved way for the malware to enter your device and cause trouble in your browser.

so now you are cognizant of the possible causes of your quandary. you will probably eschew these in the future so that your android works without any trouble.

Let us now discuss the solution to the problem we are facing. One solution cannot fix the same problem for all android users. Below are mentioned some tips to guide you.

1.    Begin by uninstalling any suspicious app: before you initiate this step, stop briefly and ponder when have you begun confronting the issue? Then, uninstall all applications which you had as of late introduced on your Android gadget and check if the program continues to open without anyone else on your Android cell phone. Here’s how you can locate and uninstall the suspicious app. Go to settings application and in the application locate apps, look for the application without any name (usually at the end of the application list) and uninstall it.

2.Force stop the app: If the above step did not fix your issue or you did not find any suspicious application, so try to force stop the affected browser and clear cache. To do so effectively, go to the settings application on your android device and open apps. select the program that is opening on itself and without any hesitation, force stop it. further clear cache and browser data of the application. After done with this try running the browser again your problem might have been fixed. notwithstanding, If the program synchronizes with Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, or some other program, ascertain you clear out your Chrome history on your work area withal since they sync. when you will tap on the Clear All information all your application information will be erased, it is prudent that you take a reinforcement of your information, keep a note of your passwords – ideally by utilizing secret word directors, reinforcement data sets, and so on.

3.Try using another web browser: if your browser continues to trouble you it might be a better option to look for an alternative. Either you can switch to a new browser completely or for a short interval of time until you find out what caused trouble in your previous browser.

4.Install an anti-virus application: Download and introduce an alternate internet browser and check if the quandary persists. If your browser still opens by itself, you definitely need an anti-virus on your android device. Install anti-virus software and scan your device, make sure to instantly remove any malware if detected.

5. Switch to safe mode: a ton of clients are ignorant of this component of their gadget yet this can end up being extraordinary assistance. safe mode can be considered as an indicative mode in Android. What it does is that it opens your Android gadget in its easiest structure i.e., with its essential interface. Here you can be liberated from the unsettling influence from most outsider applications. Additionally, in case there is any offender outsider application, you will actually want to seize that application in this mode. To enable this feature long-press the power button just the same way you do to power off your device, just as the option to power off pops up press the power button further for few more seconds. Your android device will restart in safe mode.

6. Factory reset your device: if none of the above options helped you then the only option left is to factory reset the device. ensure you follow the means mentioned to processing factory reset your Android device. Kindly don’t utilize the force button and the volume button to factory reset your telephone to not prompt another issue. Also, make sure to keep a backup of all your files to avoid losing anything important. To effectively perform a factory reset open the settings application and look for the system option. Now tap on the reset option and further tap on factory reset. After confirming the action your device will initiate a factory reset and the indication will be displayed on your screen.

Just remember to go for factory reset only when the other options don’t help, or you will unnecessarily lose your data. Hope these tips help you.