In daily existence the time period character is very freely utilized by human beings with exclusive meanings. Some humans discuss with the bodily appearance like height, weight, color, frame constructed, dress, voice, and so on. Some other people talk to intellectual qualities like intelligence, activeness, manner of speech, questioning and reasoning talents, etc.

It is likewise stated social traits like sociability, generosity, kindness, reservedness, etc. On the basis of these characteristics they judge humans as robust or vulnerable personalities, accurate and terrible personalities, and so forth. In this manner all of us make character judgments about the people we recognise. A predominant a part of coming to understand ourselves is growing a sense of what our persona characteristics are. We even form impressions about personalities of people we do now not realize, but have simplest study about. As we shall see, these regular uses of the time period are pretty distinctive from the meaning psychologists give to the term character.

The time period personality has been derived from a Latin phrase ‘personality’- means ‘masks’. In olden days, even as gambling dramas, on the way to provide accurate results to the roles played by means of them, the Greek actors used to put on mask. The psychologists hold to apply the term character to suggest that, the real or inner characteristics of someone could be distinct from, that of the features seen apparently. Hence, defining and expertise the character is not very clean as it appears. It could be very difficult to define character in a unique way. Different psychologists have described persona in their personal ways.

Eysenck defines that, “character is the more or less stable and enduring agency of someone’s character, temperament, mind and body which determines his unique adjustment to the surroundings.”

Most of the definitions of persona have attempted to Consider the totality of the person, that means, all of the capabilities, tendencies and different characteristics, each inherent in addition to acquired, which might be extra or less regular, and distinguishable from the human beings are protected in the personality.