Importance of Online education in the Below Poverty Line Students during Covid-19

This blog post introduces the importance of online education for students in countries where there has been a widespread outbreak of the H1N1 virus, such as India and Pakistan. It discusses how to prepare for an upcoming event, such as Covid-19, by accessing resources over the net. It also suggests that educational institutes should offer short term course courses such as weeks or months so that learners can access uninterrupted learning material. The blog post also mentions improving connectivity in remote areas and installing internet cafes so that learners can access quality resources at their convenience.

“If you are an industry executive, manager, supervisor, administrator etc. working in the field of education you will be able to improve your work performance by one or two notches if you fall in the category of ‘active learners’. While talking about learning there is a need to combine different kinds of sources like classrooms, labs, labs online and also online courses. “Active learners” are those who are always keen to learn new things and are aware of the latest developments being done in their field. The present world today runs on a ‘knowledge economy, where knowledge base has become the most important source of success and failure, so it is only for you to take different steps to improve your career and also grab the assured positions”

We all know that learning is a continuous process and it requires constant effort. A learner should have a positive attitude towards learning and should be committed to it. The mode of knowledge transfer has changed seriously, so if you want to compete today in the field of education and gain success then focus on online courses and engage yourself in online activities regularly. If you really want to gain success and become a leader then take steps that will help you to be an active learner.

Many people, including the youth, don’t know how to use technology for their benefit. Some parents do not support their children’s education as they don’t know what is online education and they think it’s harmful to their kids as they spend more time on the internet. Well-organized mind, be regular in his work, stay motivated, help friends with their learning problems etc. only then he can achieve positive results. Each one of us should try to be an active learner to prosper in life. “Learning is not just sitting in the class sitting through lectures or books” If you are feeling hard to learn anything then just do it. become very powerful tools for making money. These tools should be utilized properly so that much more wealth could be created for our nation.