Is black hole a pitch dark pit??
Want to know what a black hole is? But just give up everytime watching a typical definition soaked with physics on wikipedia about how even light can’t pass through it….Is black hole a big hole? But if it is a hole, how to get to know about its color? First of all I want to make sure it clear that a black hole is anything but empty space. Infact it is a place where huge matter is packed into a very small area…..what does that mean now??😦
Got confused🥴 okay then come with me to the wonderland of Alice where we see a magic✨ ‘gravity machine’ – a device with which we could control Earth’s gravity, by turning a dial. Initially it is at 1g, gravity that we are used to experience since childhood. Okay just turn the dial to 0g and you will see all your friends floating in the air even with the slightest motion. The tea☕ that you spilled on your beloved to make an old romantic movie scene, formed spherical globe in the air. Yes, balls of tea everywhere💦. But just to make a scene memorable I changed the dial to 1g and taadaa here you get the rain of tea🌧️ as earth got its gravity back….Now I again changed the dial to 3g to 4g…. everything becomes immoblised. Even if you want to have a normal walk under the sky with your crush, it requires enormous efforts. As kindness, I am removing you and your friend from the domain of gravity machine before I dial a higher gravity number. Okay, now I dialed 1000s, trees become squashed but beam of light is straight. Now at 1 lakh gs, rocks are crushed by their own weight but beam of light is still straight. When a gravity approaches a billion gs, something strange happens, the beam of light which was going straight to the sky starts bending. Now imagine a dial greater than billion gs, nothing, not even a beam of light can get out, it would bend back to the starting place. Such a place is called black hole. That is why it is called black: no light can escape from it. A place whose density and gravity is very high. But the question is from where it’s formed??……..(To be continued)