Real story of Beauty and the Beast

Jeanne Marie Leprince d Beaumont published Beauty and the Beast in 1756. Her story, a short and sweet tale with a small cast of archetypal characters, loving yet helpless father, the protective brothers and jealous sisters, and the hideous but noble hearted hero. Beauty, the youngest, as she was handsomer, was also better than her sisters. The two eldest had a great deal of pride, because they were rich. They gave themselves ridiculous airs, and would not visit other merchants daughters nor keep company with any but persons of quality. They went out every day to parties of pleasure, balls, plays, concerts, and so forth, and they laughed at their younger sister because she spent the greatest part of her time in reading good books. One day her father mistakenly got shelter at Beast’s castle which made Beauty to come their to save her father. Beast, a prince, lost his father at young age. Selfish prince who along with his castle servants is cast under a curse by a wicked enchantress. The prince is turned into a beast, and sentenced to live as a beast until he learns to love and accept love in return. After Beauty comes into his life everything changes and later he becomes human by getting love from Beauty.

Petrus Gonsalvus, Spanish, Pedro Gonzalez, lived during the period 1537 to 1618c, referred to by Ulisse Aldrovandi as ‘the man of the woods’, was born in 1537 in Spain. His life has been well chronicled as he became famous during his lifetime because of his condition, hypertrichosis. Gonsalvus first came to the court of Henry II, King of France in 1547, and was sent from there to the court of Margaret of Parma, regent of the Netherlands. He married while there, later he was moved into the court of Alexander Darnedest, Duke of Parma. Four of his seven children were also afflicted with hypertrichosis universal is and painted. His family became an object of medical inquiry by Ulisse Aldrovandi among others. Despite living and acting as a nobleman, Gonsalvus and his hairy children were not considered fully human in the eyes of their contemporaries. But the power of strength came from his better half, his wife. Gonsalvus eventually settled in Italy with his wife. It is believed that marriage between Petrus Gonsalvus and Lady Catherine may have partially inspired the the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. The greatness of a lady made history and romance.