Pepsi, the name that we often hear when our throat gets dry and we need something other than water. But this name is bigger than what we think of.

Their products are sold in over 200 countries and territories. The company that sells over 1 billion dollars over a year would be very big, right?

Pepsico is the owner of 23 separate brands that all exceed that figure in addition to numerous offers. It all combines to over $70  billion in revenue.  They have been consistently placed in the Fortune top 500 list which means they are one of the biggest companies out there in the market.

They sold their first time under the name “Pepsi”. It was initially made by the pharmacist “Caleb Doc Bradham” who created the original Pepsi. Coca- Cola was somewhat popular back then so he created something similar to that demand. He first named the drink as “Brad’s Drink” but later on he changed it to “Pepsi-Cola”. Afterwards, he started his business of it quite similar in the terms of Coca-Cola.

He would sell the formula to the soda stores to add soda to it and then sell it to customers. Once, this business started gaining the momentum then he closed his idea of selling the formula rather than that he started to make syrup for his own company.By 1910s, he built up a company for colas  of a very good size. During the world war, fearing that the price of sugar would go high, he spent a lot of his money on the sugar. Unfortunately, instead of increment in the price, the price went down which was quite shocking for me.

He after that returned to his original career of being the pharmacist. Pepsi went through two bankruptcy with the two owners of that product which means only third owner of the Pepsi was successful to make Pepsi to what it is right now!

The third owner of the brand was Charlie Guth. He actually was selling Coca-Cola which he stopped and started selling Pepsi-Cola. He decided to increase the quantity with having the same price. So, now Pepsi-Cola was coming more than Coca-Cola at the same price which was a great move to boost up their sales.

In 1977, the Pepsico bought Pizza Hut then in 1986, they bought Kentucky Fried chicken for about  850 million dollars meaning they were the owners of three top brands of Fast food including Taco Bell in 1978. It shows that Pepsico is not aiming to have the ownership of only Pepsi but other top brands as well.

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Everything they owned were surely selling the Pepsi with their own original product. So, you could say that it was one of their marketing strategy as well.

Now, with this we can conclude that Pepsico is not all about Pepsi but other things as well. Pepsico is surely a bigger company than Coca-cola as in the recent years, it had $64 billion in revenue that is almost twice as Coca-Cola.

It’s unpredictable to judge its further future growth but there’s no doubt that it has been growing itself like crazy!!