NA. MUTHUKUMAR: The Magical Lyricist of Kollywood.

Na. Muthukumar has worked in 34 Tamil movies. It’s anything but a record. Prior when we had less number of musicians and more number of creations, Kannadasan and Vaali composed verses for films even threefold the number. Muthukumar makes the meeting paramount, as he cites from his works and from others’ with familiarity and skill common of an individual saturated with the universe of letters. Furthermore, the best part is he makes composing verse and composition sound so natural.

Muthukumar’s verses will shape Rajini’s introduction scene in ‘Sivaji.’ Earlier chief Shankar had given him every one of the tunes in ‘Veyyil’ and ‘Kaadhal.’ “And he was exceptionally content with the ‘Sivaji’ tune. Rajinikanth likewise adulated the verse.” A.R.Rahman consistently gives him full opportunity. “‘I’ve given you the tune. In any case, don’t confine yourself. You compose what you feel and we will work it out later,'” he says. More often than not Vidyasagar requests me for the words from the pallavi and tunes them. It was something similar for ‘Deepavali’ with Yuvan. Furthermore, be it Kartik Raja, Imman, Harris Jeyaraj, Vijay Antony or G.V.Prakash, we comprehend each other well.” Diplomacy leads the trades all through.
On the repetition of English words in verses till as of late, his perception is: “When such a melody clicked, different creators needed something very similar. Be that as it may, presently they’ve been weaned away from it. The new hits are verification enough.” Ask him about foulness in verses and the reaction is, “I’ve composed not very many such melodies, and even there it was inside limits. However, presently I solidly decline to pen such verses.”
A doctorate holder, columnist, author, artist, lyricist, discourse essayist — Muthukumar’s measurements are many.
“I work around 20 hours each day ,” he says. What’s more, where does that allow for the recently married spouse? “That is her grouse. She demands I dedicate more opportunity to her,” he chuckles reluctantly. In the mean time, this youngster from Kanchipuram is likewise composing ‘Silk City,’ a novel in English, on four ages in Kanchi. “It includes plenty of examination,” he says. His time usage abilities leave you expanding!

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