오랜만에 블로그 포스팅이에요 (Its been a long time since I posted a blog)
Nowadays we do nothing despite binging over shows and dramas but as you all know it’s exhausting to dig out a compatible drama from the extensive lists of dramas available on various sites to satisfy our soul.
But don’t worry I am here with a dynamite (Opss!!!!………Not a BTS song ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) drama recommendation (especially for K-drama lovers) 😉 , which can thrill you out in no time!!!!
Do you guys want to know?????…………..Let’s Scroll down with me!! …..

The drama I am gonna tell you about is an underrated one but……. still, it had caught my eye due to its marvelous synopsis and jump scares and I am damn sure you guys will definitely love it tooI,

It’s `PRIEST (2018)’!!!


It’s a South Korean television series released in 2018. Its protagonists are also Stunning as Father Oh Soo-Min (Yeon Woo-Jin), Dr.Ham Eun-Ho (Jeong Yu-Mi), and Father Moon Ki-Seon (Park Yong-Woo), you can’t keep your eyes away from them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Basically, the whole script revolved around these three persona. But Ahhaa!!!!……Don’t misinterpret it as a love triangle. In this, we can see a strong brotherhood between Oh Soo-Min and Moon Ki-Seo, It includes a heartwarming love story too and It also includes some characters that will not fail to give you the shots of laughter too such as Yong-Pil (my favorite one), Doo-Kyun, Shin Mi-Yeon, etc.


This drama is from horror, romance, mystery and comedy genre…..Its plot is about the two priests fighting with the help of their team known as “REGIA VI III IV” (Regia 634) and a doctor, to save people from the havoc of a demon who was freed from the mother of pearl box, 8 years ago! From the very first episode, your keenness to know what will happen next will never let you to left this drama in the mid. As you go along you might think that you start grasping the plot……Then, BOOM!!!!!! The twist is that at the very next moment you would be like damn!! it was all nothing just an illusion

This drama is not only a pack of entertainment but it also teaches us that human will is a very powerful weapon. That’s why I love this plot a lot. It shows the battle of goodwill against very powerful evil…..Regia tried their all best to control and capture the demon…….What do you think would have happened??, who gonna make it through?…… There are lot of twists in this drama that never let boredom attacks you.
As we all know good things have limited editions only, so here this drama also has only two OSTs available and not only the drama but even its OSTs are also marvelous. I bet if you listen to it once you won’t hold back yourself to listen it on repeat!
Well, I'm going to see this again……. see you soon!!!!!