They both die at the end – Adam Silvera

-deep, nerve-wrecking and a tearjerker as the title promises.

What if you had one day to live?

They both die at the end bases on an alternative present, where a company named Death Cast calls the deckers—a term for the people who will die the coming day— to tell them of their forthcoming death, though not the way it will happen. Unfortunately two teenagers Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio face their cruel destiny when they receive a call from Death Cast. But is it really cruel though?

Two total strangers—deckers—find each through an app Last Friend to spend their end day and make it worth. Mateo and Rufus contact each other through Last Friend and eventually try to come out of their comfort zone to spend their last day, with no regrets during which their deepening friendship starts blossoming into something more.

The books gives off the most important message that yes, we’re going to die but until then we are living. We have to move, live, dream even if we survive for a day. And as the title already spoils it, they both do die at t