Book Review on ‘The diary of a young girl’

A book review on Anne franks diary

I haven’t read any books in a while so I just gave a thought of reading a book. So for the past one month I have been deciding which book to read. I know that I’m not a keen reader so I wanted a book which is realistic. After a lot of research I stumbled upon ‘Anne Frank’s diary’. I have heard a lot about this book in my childhood. And then I decided to buy ‘The diary of a young girl’. The book arrived around the end of April and I immediately started reading it on the day it arrived. It took me around two weeks to complete it. This time I remained faithful to the book that no matter whatever happens I will complete it. And yes I completed it.

According to me this book is wonderfully written by a 13 year old girl. I myself can’t imagine to write a diary at such a tender age. Anne was surely a 13 year old but a very matured girl of her time. Anne Frank received this diary as a birthday gift from her parents. She began writing on June 12, 1942. I still remember the first sentence written by her was, “I hope I will be able to confide everything to you that I am not able to confide in anyone”. Anne gave a name to her diary and called it ‘kitty’. Anne started writing her normal daily activities, about her friends, school etc.

Her writings soon changed once her sister Margot received a call up notice for a concentration camp and later on she went into hiding with her family. They hid inside her father’s office where there was a secret annex hidden inside the office behind a book case. Total 8 people were there inside the secret annex hiding. There was Mr. van daan, Mrs. Vaan daan, peter van daan (son of Mr. and Mrs. van daan) to whom Anne falls in love with. Mr. Dussel (a dentist) and then Otto frank (Anne’s father), Edith Frank (Anne’s mother), Margot frank (Anne’s sister) and then Anne herself. Anne always remained faithful to her diary and wrote her thoughts in it. She always mentioned that while writing in her diary it always gave her a relief. Inside her diary she poured her deepest thoughts, her feelings towards people inside the annex and about the outside world.

One of the quotes which I liked from Anne Frank’s diary was “I still believe in spite of everything people are truly good at heart”. Her last entry on her diary was on august 1, 1944. On august 4, 1944 all 8 people inside the annex were captured. Sadly everyone died in the concentration camp except for Otto frank who came back and published Anne Frank’s diary in the year 1947. In her diary Anne always mentions that after growing up she wanted to be a writer and a journalist, for which I’m sure she became a writer as well as a journalist. Anne wrote her diary as well as recorded every event which was happening outside during the holocaust. Anne Frank became one of the famous figure during holocaust and only because of her diary which was saved by Bep and Miep who helped them when they were hiding inside the secret annex.

I really liked reading her book especially during this covid19 situation. I read this book when where we were facing a lockdown due to the second wave. I think it’s a must read book.

written by, kris katelin.