Book Review on ‘Animal Farm’

A Review on the book ‘Animal Farm’

I wasn’t much sure whether to read it or not because the cover page of the book was a little bit childish and the name ‘Animal Farm’ was also kind of referring to a children’s book. But I didn’t have any choice because lockdown was going on and the online deliveries were paused for a while. So, I took up this book started reading and I just completed it today. And I must say that I really liked this book. It was written in a simple and crisp manner by George Orwell. I have heard about this author especially about his book called ‘1984’ I’m sure I will read it next.

Let’s move to the book. ‘Animal farm’ was written by ‘George Orwell’ in the year 1945. It is based on Russian revolution, 1917. It was rejected by a lot of publishers and also banned by U.A.E because the book has a lot of hidden meaning and it symbolizes Russia and communism. The book starts with old major boor calling animals as comrade and tells them to create a rebellion against human beings. As followed the animals over power Mr. Jones the farm owner and throws him out of the farm. And thus animals create a government and run the farm by themselves. Napoleon and snow bell being highly intelligent pigs are considered to be the leaders of the farm. Squealer also pig good with communication skills. They together create seven commandments which should not be broken by any animals. But these same pigs break all the commandments written by them at last.

Every one mentioned in the book represents something. Mr. Jones the farm owner represents corrupt government. Old major boor represents communist leader Karl Marx. Pilkington owner of another farm represents allied countries. Fredrick who owns another small farm represents Adolf Hitler. Boxer a horse, Benjamin a donkey etc. are considered to be uneducated and exploited working class governed by napoleon and snowball. Whimper a man represents nations which profit from business. Sheep’s represents blind followers of the government.

This book was written nearly at the end of World War II and it clearly mocks a lot of people as well as Russian revolution, 1917. I personally liked it at the beginning I didn’t understand but later on listening to the summary from Google I did get a lot of knowledge about the book and the hidden meaning. I think it’s worth reading if you can understand the hidden meaning then it’s surely worth reading.

written by, kris katelin