Book Review on ‘Letter From Peking’

letter from peking

I can’t remember when exactly did I started reading this book. But I’m quite sure I started it after reading “The diary of a young girl”. I was at my mom’s house. I was eventually bored there and had nothing to do there. So I went to a room where there was some of my mom’s old books were kept. I was just peeking into the old bookshelf and that’s where I found this book “Letter from Peking” written by Pearl S. Buck.

I had no idea about this book. But this book kind of looked attractive with a Chinese girl’s image on it and the pages were in a good shape. So I picked it up from the shelf. At night when my mom called me I indeed asked her about this book, she said that she clearly remembers this book and she bought it around when she was 20 years old and it was one of her favorite book. I was also so shocked that she clearly remembers each everything written inside the book.

Let’s move on to the review of this book. The book is all about the Elizabeth waiting for her husband. As it was my mom’s favorite book. I read it completely and I must say that that I liked the book but there were some situations in the story which I personally didn’t like. I would say that the book is written very well. The writer has explained the Chinese culture so nicely, that you will indeed fall in love with their culture and the way they respect people. I think Pearl. S Buck has given importance to the culture while writing this book, which I really enjoyed while reading. Moving on to the story. The story was held during outbreak of communist revolution. Where Gerald who is half Chinese and half American sends his American wife Elizabeth and his son Rennie to United States to stay there for their own security. But Gerald stays in china because he thinks it is his country and if he goes to United States with his wife and son he will feel like a foreigner over there. So Gerald stays in china and writes letters to Elizabeth.

The book actually starts from mentioning about a last letter written by Gerald that he has to marry a Chinese women and stay there. In the whole book Elizabeth waits for Gerald for years and in these many years a lot of things happens such as Rennie grows up and he starts hating his father. Elizabeth brings Gerald’s father to her house to stay with her and Rennie. Bruce a doctor in Vermont who treats Baba (Gerald’s father) starts liking Elizabeth. Gerald’s Chinese wife sends Elizabeth some letters about Gerald, how much he loves Elizabeth and thinks of her all the time.

According to me it’s a good book to read. While reading one will really like the characters in the book. But the writer has written the book very beautifully. It’s all about the patience of waiting. It’s a sad kind of a book. But it is was worth reading.

written by, kris katelin.