Tiruchi girl excels in online teaching

A Tiruchi-based engineering student has taken up teaching fundamental science subjects and computer programming to students in the United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, and Singapore at a time when online education has become unavoidable due to the pandemic. K. Viswathika of Woraiyur, who is pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Engineering at a Bengaluru institution, didn’t realise she could earn money while studying when she taught chemistry and physics to her niece in California approximately seven months ago. Viswathika conducted a demonstration and registered her on an online education portal in response to his niece’s answer. Aliyah, a London Grade IV student, was her first love.

Viswathika received several referrals for coding programming and chemistry, physics, and maths through her.

She teaches 20 pupils from the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, and Singapore. She continues to receive inquiries from a wide range of pupils. Ms.Viswathika makes her classes interesting and participatory by incorporating her knowledge of information and technology as well as online teaching tools. I’m excited to use internet approaches to connect students from all over the world. Ms.Viswathika says, “It happened because of my enthusiasm for teaching.” She said that a short-term English training with the British Council in Chennai had helped her communicate better with international pupils.Despite her Indian accent, she had no trouble communicating with the UK students. She spent the daytime attending online lessons at CMR University in Bengaluru, where she is doing her B.Tech, and the evenings taking online classes. There is a lot of potential for online education to cross borders. “There will be recognised online schools in the not-too-distant future,” adds Viswathika, who has built two pharmacy management software for pharmaceutical corporations. She’s hired five MBA interns to help her discover customers for her products. In online classes, a girl from Trichy teaches. She told them that this is a fantastic opportunity for me and everyone else, and she was overjoyed.Because education is the most important power, all kids will do well in class. She is also a role model for me.