Intra-family marriages are the leading cause of uncommon genetic diseases. Intra-family marriages are far too numerous, and first-cousin marriages have a higher risk of hereditary disorders.

When close intra-family marriages occur, more than 100 ailments are passed down down the generations. Marriages between cousins are far too common, both culturally and historically, and these disorders are passed down through the generations. Around 70% of marriages are cousin or consanguineous marriages, and hundreds of cases of genetic diseases are reported each year.

Although Islam, the state’s predominant religion, does not prevent people from marrying outside of their family or caste, many families prefer to marry within their own families due to illiteracy and caste difficulties. Because of their ignorant brains, dangerous infections are permitted to spread to newborns, which is considered criminal neglect.

Doctors recommend that every couple have a genetic test before getting married because deficits are stored in particular compartments of body cells. The material that builds up in each lysosome expands and takes up a lot of room in the cell, causing a slew of other issues with cellular function, which is how illnesses spread.


According to experts, if these disorders are handed down to a child, the child would develop abnormalities. This can include mental abnormalities or organ enlargement, both of which might cause a kid to die from a serious health issue.

More than 70% of all marriages are between members of the same family. This custom is observed as if it were a religious obligation, but it is not. The predominance of Thalassemia, a blood condition, in the country is a major result of this custom. Blood transfusions and iron chelation are two options for treatment.

In a recent interview, a doctor stated that if one parent contains a gene for an illness, the condition does not transmit to the child.

However, if both parents have the same condition, which is common in intra-family marriages, the defective genes are likely to be handed down to the child.

More than 50 children have perished in recent years as a result of genetic abnormalities that have arisen from first-cousin marriages. Three brothers were admitted to a hospital last year for treatment of a handicap. It was discovered that their family members were quite superstitious and did not approve of outside-the-family weddings. The three boys were born healthy but developed a handicap later in life.

Government funds should be set aside to study genetic problems caused by intra-family marriages.

Doctors believe that more people should be informed of the consequences of marriages within families. First-cousin weddings should be prohibited since they cause a slew of ailments that are destructive to the next generation’s future. The government is being urged to take action on this critical subject, and everyone should be able to pick their life partners outside of the family.

“As children, our cousins are frequently our first friends. Even if you haven’t spoken in a long time, no one will ever understand your eccentric family like your cousins.”

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