Is science a boon or bane?

We live in a technological and scientific era. Science is essential to man’s survival. Science has overtaken our life to the point that nothing can happen in our day-to-day job without it. Science is intertwined with our food, transportation, education, administration, recreation, and social lives in numerous ways.
To determine if science has arrived to mankind as a blessing or as a source of destruction. It is necessary to understand what science entails. Science is defined as a method of categorising and classifying experiences. We, as males, are fascinated by the various things and events that occur around us. We have our doubts about what they are. Why are they taking place?


If such is the case, why are these questions the cornerstones of science? Then comes thinking, analysing, reasoning, synthesis, and contrast, before finally revealing the truth. According to scientists, everything has a methodology and there are always procedures to follow, such as observation, hypothesis, experiment, theory, and proofs. These steps were followed by all scientists who knew the route.

Science’s goal:

The goal of science is to seek truth and grasp previously unknown phenomena. A scientist does not accept ideas just because they have previously been accepted by others. Reasoning is the source of great discoveries. It will take a lot of patience and observation.Civilization as we know it now is the outcome of numerous discoveries made in the realm of science. Our current industry may be traced back to the creation of the simple wheel. Electricity has altered the world as a source of energy. Science has aided our revolution’s success, and we now have enough food to feed everyone. We have sufficient clothing and better housing. All of this is only possible due of science. Science has created the radio, television, and movies that entertain us. As a result, a common man must conclude that science is a blessing to humanity.

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There is also the opposite side of the coin, in which such knowledge gave birth to destructive weapons such as guns, rifles, rockets, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, and so on. It is science that has electric power, nuclear energy, and hydroelectric power, but atomic energy is not employed for peaceful reasons, as happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a result of science, and it is humanity’s curse.

Leaving that aside, another invention of science is environmental contamination. With the help of science, industrialization has poisoned the air, food, and the entire atmosphere. The ozone layer is sending out alarming signals. As a result, a person can consider science to be a curse.