Review on ‘Demon Slayer’

I am currently watching kimetsu no yaiba which is also known as Demon slayer recommended by one of my friends. while I was watching the trailer I thought it to be a childish anime but once I watched it, This anime has become really special to me.

The story is somewhat new in a sense and character location or setting I would say is also kind of new to me in shounen anime, I am saying this because now days shounen anime always start in a city or suburb areas. Its nice to see this anime start the story from middle of nowhere kind of setting (given this anime takes place in past, its not new but different in my opinion).

The action scenes are jaw dropping and are something you would rewind the few seconds of that scene to see again. Tanijro as a character is also breath of fresh air in this shounen setting, because he do not have lofty goals like becoming king of pirates or something like that, he just wants to turn his sister back to human form once again and he do not rely on friendship power or activating his fourth gear on or going ssj 3, nope he trains like any other human being to earn his power. Directing on this anime is also fascinating, you can tell that director cut no corner for fight scenes(like one other anime I know, looking at you OPM S2) and he went with full force to animate those gorgeous fight scenes.

The only tiny bit problem is that occasional use of CG models of characters when they are far in the view or are fast moving, but this use of CG is ten times better than what we got for goblin slayer. When its comes to using CG studio Ufotable is leagues ahead in the competition and it shows here.

This is only anime I am enjoying, which is doing action scenes right. Give it a try you will enjoy it.