The Delhi Assembly has passed a measure to increase MLA salaries.

The Delhi administration, led by the Aam Aadmi Party, approved a bill on Monday to raise the wages of MLAs, ministers, the Speaker, and the Leader of the Opposition (Lops) in the Delhi Assembly.

An MLA in Delhi now receives Rs 54,000 per month in pay and allowances, which is expected to rise to Rs 90,000 after the raise.

The Delhi Assembly has approved a measure that would raise the pay of MLAs, ministers, the speaker, and members of the Lok Sabha. Previously, MLAs received a salary of Rs 12,000; this has been increased to Rs 30,000, making the total income for MLAs Rs 90,000. sisodia told reporters after today’s assembly session.

Sisodia said that although the centre had raised few concerns seven years prior, the Delhi government had already enacted the measure.

Added he, “In the past seven years, there have been several talks on this subject. Seven years ago, the central government had a few concerns; after taking their ideas into account, the Delhi Assembly once more enacted this measure in the hopes that the centre would do the same.”

Ram Niwas Goel, the speaker of the Delhi assembly, said that the pay was raised in 2011, therefore the administration suggested a raise in 2015 but the proposal was rejected.

He had asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to compare his pay with that of other state legislators, claiming that many states, including Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, pay their MLAs about Rs 2 lakh in total.

Today marked the start of the Delhi Assembly’s two-day monsoon session. The MLAs would be obliged to wear face masks mandatory due to the ongoing Covid-19 cases.