The Dead Sea Turned Red.

Salt lake in Yuncheng is frequently referred to as China’s “Dead Sea” for an odd cause. The rich magenta, green, and yellow hues of its waters are a result of algae blooms and insects that are reproducing quickly.

The uncommon occurrence is brought on by the algae Dunaliella salina, which, according to NASA, is normally green in marine habitats but may become red when exposed to high salt and intense light because of “the development of defensive carotenoids in the cells.” Plant compounds called carotenoids are what give the lake its vivid colours.

The tests revealed that the contaminated waters had high quantities of ammonia, nitrogen, and permanganate, a substance used in metal cleaning, tanning, and bleaching. The Hubei authorities claimed that the pollutants appeared to have come from the Han River without going into further detail. To lessen the pollution, water was being diverted from the neighboring Lake Chang.Industrial, agricultural, and domestic pollution have badly contaminated the majority of China’s canals, rivers, and lakes.