Wish I Could Tell You:Book Review

It is unimaginable to predict one’s personal life. What one has been facing or their past? This book begins with the people in the organization called WeDonate.com a fundraiser that sells stories to create a fundraiser for one in need. However, who knew one could find their love while performing duty.

The story focuses on anusha as she discovers herself in the little world of WeDonate.com, feeling betrayed and saddened. She grudgingly looks for a deserving cause to help as she struggles to deal with her sentiments and the responsibility of earning money for charity. Ananth, who has been on the opposing side, believes that no life is less valuable than another and that no cause is unworthy of support. However, book revolves around two main characters. Ananth is a really decent guy who has a positive state of mind. The man is upbeat and finds beauty in everything and everyone. His general optimism motivates him to sign up with WeDonate.com, a charitable organisation. This group raises money for individuals who are in need as part of its charitable mission. There is a distinctive girl in his life who goes by the name of Mohini and has many hardships and difficulties in life. She thinks and perceives individuals in their most repulsive light. She has been encouraged to write before and has been seeking for the right narrative, but it kind of confounds her. She finally joins the group where two individuals get together in search of a character. Although your mind could lead you to believe otherwise, this book uses illusions to create a reality that is both real and unreal, virtual and tangible. Finally, it might be claimed that both of them are trapped by these WeDonate.com edge.

Moreover,there exists a team behind them dedicate their entire lives to going above and beyond the call of duty to save lives. In front of them lies the digital world of social media, where people watch, participate, judge, make decisions, and occasionally save lives. Staying closer is the only option since their lives—both virtual and real—are so intertwined with the lives of their families. They can’t keep apart from one another.

The past story of the two characters unfolds part by part and their growing out from the past is fascinating. It is not a typical romantic love story that can be expected but something that can not be explained in words. However, some questions that a reader might expect to be answered at the end of the story are incomplete. But the presentation of each theme and plot is commendable and for a teen is a must try!