“Web series the new craze”

Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com

A web series is a series of online videos that can either be scripted or non- scripted. They first came into existence in late 1990’s with first web series being released on April 1995 , the series was “Global Village Idiots” it was an episode of Bloomington, Indiana based public access program Rox, it was uploaded to the internet on the show’s website at rox.com thus making it the first such series which was distributed via web. The series got a huge popularity at that time thus calling it out as the real impact of digital revolution in pop culture.

But web series gained more popularity in early 2000s and since then they are continuously gaining popularity. The reason behind there increasing popularity is that they are available on a range of platforms and devices including desktop , laptop , tablets and smartphones and by being online they have chance of being by the other country audience as well thus making them extremely popular or go viral. A web series is a group or series of videos and its one video or single instance is called as a “episode” or “webisode” .