Hamari Pahchan – Eradicate Malnutrition Mission

We know that a peaceful world cannot long exist, one-third rich and two-thirds hungry.”

– Jimmy

Malnutrition in India is one of the main concerns. More than one third of the world’s malnourished children live in India. The major cause of malnutrition being the inequality in social status and the lack of the necessities that are required in order to raise children. The administrative bodies of our country have attempted with various schemes and grants to eradicate malnutrition within the booming population of India but this cause still requires more support in order to decrease the percentage of malnutrition, especially among children of the underprivileged class.

As a result of this rising issue, Hamari Pahchan took the initiative to work towards the eradication of malnutrition as nutrition is an important factor for the well-being and proper development of a child. Malnutrition not only causes health issues for children but it can affect an individual in the long run during adulthood such as stunted growth, eye problems, diabetes, anemia as well as heart diseases, etc as a result of vitamins and micronutrient deficiency in the human body.

The initiative of Hamari Pahchan helps and provide food to the malnourished children so that they are able to receive the necessary nutrition. The cause is important as children are the future of our country and it is important to ensure their overall well-being. It is crucial to provide them with proper nutrition and assistance.The goals of this initiative are: eradication of malnutrition, eradication of hunger and food security on a national level. By supporting the cause, Hamari Pahchan provides the children nutriotious meal which would make a great difference in their lives. Poor people are also provided with the monthly ration, cooked food, as well as sanitary products.

Hamari Pahchan runs regular ration distribution drives, nutriotious food distribution drives, and frequent surveys with dieticians. Till now, with the contribution of many donors, Hamari Pahchan could successfully conduct 5000+ food distribution drives. The NGO is continuing to work towards it’s goal aiming to reach more and more unprivileged people.

As responsible citizens, it’s important that everyone who is capable enough should come forward and provide support to such NGOs, or contribute one’s part at individual level as well. Supporting the needful always makes one feel good and fills one’s day with positivity.

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”

-Mandy Hale