Everybody must have heard of this quote


The proverb tells everything. Nothing can stop time from flying away. It can never be bought with money. These evidently tell us the value of time. Time is the most valuable thing in a person’s life. The time which was wasted cannot be reversed or changed. Time cannot be also borrowed or saved. Time is so precious because we don’t know how much do we have still. You must have heard people investing their time for some purposes. Do not think it’s nothing much! If people are willing to invest some quality time with you, it means they are valuing you so much that they decide to share their valuable time to spend with you.

Time management is about making the most of your time. If it is effectively used, you can reap better things in your life. Time management can be really useful to a person to sort their activities in a particular way in order to avert the possibility of confusion.


  1. PLAN A SCHEDULE- The first and foremost basic step is planning your schedule. It involves the time duration of the schedule, its deadline, listing activities and sorting them to necessary and unnecessary activities, number of breaks etc. There needs to be clear goals specified that needs to be accomplished within the time frame.
  2. AVOID DISTRACTIONS- Everybody might be good at planning a schedule but is often hard to follow for many. A person is behind a schedule only because of distractions. There can be no excuse about the comfortability of the schedule because each schedule is framed based on the basis of the capacity of individuals and were framed by themselves too!
  3. KEEP TRACK OF THE TIME LOGS- It is important to know how much time is needed to actually complete a scheduled work. Thus the time must be set after several trials to choose the optimum time it takes to complete a particular task.
  4. ENSURE YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT BREAKS- To follow your schedule continuously, you need sufficient breaks to rejuvenate your mind and body. Long and continuous working can make you lose track and you might end up running behind your schedule. Breaks are meant for relaxation so that you do not feel tired or lazy to continue your work. Humans, after all, are not machines.
  5. FIND YOUR BEST PRODUCTIVITY TIME- Some people might be feeling comfortable to work at nights while some feel good to work at mornings. Each person knows his/her strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it is the individual’s decision to find out the best suitable time for working.
  6. REWARD YOURSELF- Self-motivation is always the best. Rewarding yourself can really bring a state of happiness to you and encourage you to stay on track with the schedule. After all, what better reward can you receive than successfully achieving your goals?


Time management makes your activities happen in an organised manner. There involves no tensions. It is all about sticking to your schedule. Time management teaches an individual punctuality and discipline. Effective time management boosts your confidence and finally, helps you to achieve your goals in the shortest span with focussed efforts.

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