Are we humans are destroying the animal habitat?

Home is feeling of comfort that is filled with love and safe. It is a feeling for both human and animals. We human being are becoming selfish by destroying their houses. Try to put yourself in their place, can you imagine your home is suddenly vanished and there is no place for you to live? It is like being lonely and sad.

Millions of species that ever lived in this earth has gone extinct now. Some endangered species are likely to get extinct. Eg:Tiger, polar bear, Mountain gorilla etc. And the reason behind this extinction is human beings. We are killing animals for food. We are destroying their habitat for our development. Deforestation is done by humans for wood, vegetation and construction of buildings. Due to this animals are dying out.

Another reason is human activities causes pollution in water, air and in land. This pollutes the entire natural habitat and had an adverse effect on animals as well as environment. Oil leakage in marine can lead to deaths of aquatic animals. Another most important reason is the killing or hunting of animals for human resources like fur or elephant tooth. In some places hunting is considered as sport.

Animals are important for the food chain. When animal are extinct they are gone forever and we can find them only in museums.

We should try to convert every human being into a conservationist. Zoos are working to preserve endangered species. We should care and save animals and their habitat because we both equally share the planet. Prevention of cruelty to animals act,The wildlife protection act are there to conserve the species.