Role of Education in Technology

Education is a form of learning where we can see the transmission of knowledge, skills from generation to generation.21st century is also regarded as century of technology. Technology brings education to student’s doorstep.

Technology in education can be classified as:

  1. Technology as learning tool.
  2. Technology as teaching tool.
  3. Technology as tutor.

Technology is an opportunity to design meaningful learning experiences.


It goes back to many years to know about technology in education. At the end of world war-II US started using projectors.

Digitalized communications and networks in education started in mid 1980’s. 

In fall of 2015, more than 6 million students enrolled in atleast one online course and still the count is growing rapidly.

Role of ICT in Education:

Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a major key role 

for students today as it has a significant and good effect on student success and learning. ICT includes television, computers, internet etc. when used appropriately and in a good way it can strengthen and raise quality of education. This ICT includes databases, spreadsheets, statistical, and graphical programs, etc. It is also likely that science and technology teachers are better trained and equipped.

Advantages of technology in education:

  • Technology helps students in preparing in their future career either in academics and non academics.

(Includes online books, exams, course, etc.)

  • It helps students to learn there own interests which helps in developing their individuals.
  • Easily accessible to learning materials.

(As present world is running around internet it is very easy to a student to access materials)

  • Proper understanding of a subject by using record keeping.
  • Using audio and visual materials helps students to learn things interesting.
  • Accurate exam conducting and grade awarding.

Limitations of technology in education:

  • Distraction to some students.

(Inappropriate websites which distracts student from there respective work) 

  • Students (programmer’s) involving in cyber crime.
  • Can be expensive to keep updated.
  • There are some health issues too when used over limit.

Some Ways to use technology in education:

  • Creating webpage includes writings, arts, quizes.

(Creating webpage helps students to learn things in creative way as it includes some writings, discussions, etc)

  • Video conferencing
  • Spread sheets
  • Creating class newspaper

(Newspaper gives us lot of information today if it’s a classroom newspaper it is really interesting to know things around a student in class)

  • Creative powerpoint presentation including picture, audio, videos.

(videos, pictures helps students to think in practical way, and it may some time leads to innovation).


Technology has a very positive impact on education and should eliminate the drawbacks which are pulling back many students learning.

And it’s time for every country to include more technologically equipped education for student’s future.