Is money donation the only way to save a life

We all know about the donation but what if it could not save the lives. Money donations are right because money is the important source of our lives. But beside this there are more donations which you can go through like blood donations or making some useful things from the old clothes. Helping the kids in orphanage. Making yourself with the first volunteer planning about what to do for them and what to make for them. Making some toys with the old clothes that would be more beneficial or giving them an education so that they can also learn about what is happening in this world, learn about faith, love, wisdom, sincere, sacrifice, success, helping others.

Blood donations

Blood is donated when a person is in need of it. It may be of a whole blood and may be a part of it.

Who can donate blood

You can donate blood if you are eligible to donate blood with having good health. A proper test has been done it sees that whether you are capable of it or not.

Who cannot donate blood

You will be denied if your blood tests positive for: HIV-1, HIV-2, human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV)-I, HTLV-II, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus, West Nile Virus (WNV), and T. pallidum (syphilis). Blood donation is actually a quick and easy way to get tested for all of these things.

How you can donate blood

You must be 18 years old and above not less than 18. Should be healthy and not having any internal problem. Find a local blood bank.

Here is a hero who just save a 14 years old girl’s life without hesitation by donating blood

A Mumbai cop who just save a life of a girl by donating blood. When the lockdown had trapped us tight and cyclone nisarga threatened to shake our world. He was on duty then found her family helpless due to cyclone and covid 19. So always be a volunteered. Donate to the needed people if you can like Donate Sadaqah.

Helping with old clothes by making soft toys and be a volunteer

We all are having old clothes which we sometimes threw them but we can you it and can make some different things. You can make a small bag from that or make a soft toy by filling cotton inside it and distribute/ donate the owner of orphanage.

When to give

You can give as per choice or when asked on a monthly basis. So by this always be a volunteer. A volunteer needs a time initiating and how to be innovative how much skills you can share how much you are passionate about and how much time you can give in this. A quote which inspired us all by National volunteer and philanthropy centre that think about the cause you are passionate about, how much time you can commit and the skills you can share when considering volunteering .