Racism- The Ugly Face Of Discrimination

Racism has existed since mankind and turned brutal over the years. Following the death of George Floyd, massive protest spread across the United States and internationally. Racists belief that white people are superior than people of other races. As a result of which, people of different race, ethnic group or culture are often exploited on many grounds. They have less or no access to proper health care and are subjected to impoverished living conditions. Blacks are often considered middle class and likely to be trapped in poverty. They are treated as slaves and paid low wages.
Talking about racism in general, it is often thought of an individual act of discrimination but has emerged as a public health crisis. The impact of racism on human life is pervasive. In countries like the United States , the African-Americans suffer from existential crisis. They are deprived of the necessary amenities essential for a healthy life.

Sexual And Reproductive Health Of African- American Women
The sexual and reproductive health of African American women have always been compromised and put at stake due to multiple experiences of racism. They are at a higher risk of experiencing the burden of maternal mortality, infant mortality, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

The Effects Of Racism On Mental Health
Racism is a fundamental determinant of mental heath because it contributes to social disparities causing stress and anxiety. Chronic stress may result in depression. Experiences of discrimination can trigger negative emotions in those suffering from racism. The exposure to stereotypical mindsets and prejudice directed against them hinder their lifestyle. As a result of which, people begin to question their existence. The stigma attached to mental illness should be curbed to avoid racial discrimination.

The belief in considering one’s own race to be superior of others is nothing but a misconception, we are consumed with. For justice to prevail, we ought educate ourselves from being a racist.