Black it up…or in our case maybe brown or Rainbow?

So as we all know what is happening around us nowadays starting from Corona virus and ending with riots. But the thing which caught everybody’s attention was the riot which started in USA and is now making ripples through out the world as the coveted movement of black lives matter. The words which came out of George Floyd’s mouth still haunt me in my dreams as he said “I can’t breathe officer, I can’t breathe, I wanna see my mama”. Nobody deserves to die like that I don’t know if he is guilty or not guilty but it’s wrong to take the precious and the most valuable right a being on this planet Earth has that is the right to breathe,as if you call yourself a human and if in your whole life you have seen in someone else’s eye and you have realized that this being loves me as a mother, brother,wife,husband,daughter,son, family, pet or a stranger as they love me because my heart’s still beating and my brain’s still functional so that I can share this love with someone else to make a world with the harmony of heaven. I know it’s a little bit of an utopia but still then reality starts and ends with belief and hope.

Through out the world there are millions and millions of people facing racism ever single day of their life starting from Breonna Taylor to Freddie Gray to Alton Sterling and many more whose name still remains in that veil of oblivion and the complications of corruption to hide this cruelty. Statistics also speaks for racism as such the increasing number of hate crimes,atrocities upon minorities are like the so called all time trending subject of world’s total information and news scenario. Homophobia, Trans phobia and racism are really concerned and perilous issues for this great civilization which we call humanity. It was really a great moment to see India to tear away that orthodox article 377 of Indian Constitution which made homosexuality illegal so in a manner it was a massive point of elation for those millions and millions of Indians who use to live in the shadows of fear and pain as unapprehended felon due to that cruel article which made the dance of horrors for so many years in this great country we call home. Well if you ask me it was a bright moment for India but still then homophobia goes deep in Indian soil starting from those atrocities with trans people on train rides to any person coming out in a so called traditional Indian orthodox family so it all has to change and we all know that it’s gonna take some time but we can hope can’t we. As at the end that’s all we have.

But what about India after all why is the world’s largest democracy is silent in this one a bit weird right! well I don’t think we are not doing anything because we are really conscious about the lock down or we are really obedient and stuff like that because we all know that protesting is in our blood so how come is this blood not working in this massive scenario of ignited souls through out the world but not in case of Indians. Well I guess we all know the answer that racism is something which goes quite casual and is rooted deep in India starting from Bollywood to commercials to cosmetics and to every house hold we all are quite aware of the value of being fair and white. I think everybody as growing up in India have heard the term gora(fair),saonla(brown) and kala(black) but trust me nobody cares or gives an importance towards the later two the only color we see is gora. Let me ask you something have you seen a single actor or actress in Bollwood who is lets say not super famous but is considered in bollywood being brown or black on purpose for a lead role well I haven’t maybe maximum in a tiny side role or worse a villain maybe and maybe shown in one movie and also that movie is a super hit and after that her/his/their era fades away in a very clean crystal manner so if we are going to debate my question then i guess we all can agree on the fact that we have a few but is that few participation of black and brown justified till 2020. Now if we come to house hold then we all know Indian neighbor are really deserving for the label of gossip girls or mean girls sometimes and the same for guys. So in a manner I’m disgusted by this whitewashing of every single thing which we have in public or which may come in public in this great subcontinent, I mean why can’t we see that color of the skin is nothing but just a reflection of what our genes are speaking for us what our ancestry has made for us and that is it, it is nothing I mean literally nothing more than that. We should realize and we should help others to realize this too that live your life in the way that you won’t have any regrets the moment you will be leaving this world. Accept who you truly are and let others do the same even if it’s really exciting to make fun of others but think about yourself in that person’s shoe before you do that then you will know how bad it is to do that to anyone. So live your life in a manner which makes you happy and other’s happy too because we don’t know that is there another life after this or not we only know this one so use it to be happy,sad,angry,passionate and everything by which you can be humane.