Social Media and Mental Health

Social media is a double edged sword . It gives an individual the ground to showcase their talents and boast their confidence , but over use of social media can fuel up mental disorders , such as anxiety , depression, isolation and so on.

Role of Social Media

Humans are social creature, they always crave for social contact. Companionship of others and strength in our relationships with others impact our mental well-being. When an individual experiences good interpersonal relationship with others , they are much more contented with themselves and happy with the world around them. However if social media becomes our only source of contact then it can do more harm than any good . Rather then doing any good , they become a source of anxiety , depression and stress.

Now a days most of us have started spending greater amount of time on social networking sites , like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and so on. They do provide us with a field to explore and be more closely connected with people , however they should not be substituted for real world human contact . It is real world interpersonal relationships that satisfy ones social need. Ironically , the social media which promised to bring people closer , has become the cause of being more socially secluded . social media

Positive and Negative Impact of Social Media

Though social media cannot discount the importance of face to face contact , but there are certain merits as well . Social networking sites gives us greater connectivity with the world. They help us to stay up to date with what is happening in the world . They also give us the playing ground to connect with like minded people and thus boast our self worth. Social networking sites can also give us greater exposure to show our creative talents . Social media has also given boast to marketing as well , traditional marketing strategies are now backed with social media marketing .

However just like a coin has two faces , so does social media. Social media has given a major boast to insecurities . Those perfectly clicked and edited social media pictures makes the person viewing it feel inadequate about their lifestyle and appearance. Social media has also instilled the fear of missing out . Youngsters now a days need it all, which is practically not even possible. With the booms in social networking, people have started to compare their talents , lifestyle, growth with that of others leading to major negative impact on mental well-being . Social media has also given boast to troll culture and cyber bullying and not everyone is so strong headed to deal with this negativity. Every move of an individual is now monitored and compared. All this distorts one’s mental peace and cause major mental health issues.

Signs Social Media is impacting Mental Health

Individual are different and unique. It is not the amount of time you spend in phone , not the number of post you make and pictures you upload , that measures whether your mental health is impacted by social media . Rather , the under mentioned reasons are :

• Spending more time and energy on social media than real world friends
• Comparing oneself with others on social media , mostly unfavourably
• Experiencing cyber bullying and trolling
• Being distracted from real world activities , such as school and work
• Having no “me time”
• Engaging in risky behaviour just for gaining likes
• Experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression
• Intensified stress
• Experiencing sleep disorders


Social media is just like a double edged sword , with its fair share of good and bad. It connects us with people all over the world , but at the same time make us distant from our close ones . It helps us realize our self worth but if overused can also make us insecure with ourselves . We as individuals have to set our boundaries , we need to make a distinction between use and abuse of social media . We can spend time on social media , but cannot let that impact our mental well-being . Engaging more time with real world supportive individuals is most important , because nothing is world can discount the importance of healthy interpersonal communication .

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  1. Excellent post regarding the effects of social media.
    I find at times that I need to have a break from social media; to have some “me” time.


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