Anxiety Disorder

“Calm down” , “it’s all in your mind”, “stop overthinking”, some of the most common remarks a person with anxiety hears. Anxiety is a psychological disorder. Though every person so feel anxiety at some special occasions , such as while undertaking an examination , going for interview and so on , and it does help them to work more efficiently and accurately . However , if the anxiety persist for a longer period , it not only hinders ones performance but also impacts the mental health of the person.

What is Anxiety disorder ?

Anxiety is usually defined as a vague , diffuse , unpleasant feeling of fear and apprehension. Common symptoms of anxiety includes rapid heart rate , shortness of breath , dizziness , loss of appetite , fainting , diarrhoea , frequent urination , sweating , sleeplessness and tumour . An individual with anxiety disorder can show all or combination of some symptoms.

What are its types ?

There are different types of anxiety disorders , namely, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder , phobias , obsessive compulsive disorder , post traumatic stress disorder .

Generalized anxiety disorder : One of the most common anxiety disorder is generalized anxiety disorder . It includes prolonged , vague , intense , unexplained fear which is not related to any object . The symptoms include , worry and apprehension feeling about future and hypervigilance . It is characterized by motor tension , which results are individual to be restless , visible shaky , tense.

Panic disorder : Panic attack denotes an abrupt surge in anxiety level rising to a peak when the thoughts of a particular stimuli is present . These thoughts usually occurs in an unpredictable manner . Symptoms include dizziness, chest pain , nausea , shortage of breath , rapid palpitation , fear of losing control.

Phobia : People with phobia have intense irrational fear relating to a specific object , person or situation . Phobias can further be subdivided into specific phobia , social phobia and agoraphobia . Specific phobia is the most common one. It is the intense fear from a particular animal or person . Social phobia being the irrational and incapacitating fear and embarrassment when dealing with others. Agoraphobia is the phobia which people develop when entering an unfamiliar situation .

Obsessive compulsive disorder : People suffering from this disorder are unable to control their preoccupation with specific ideas and are unable to prevent themselves from carrying out certain activities again and again. Obsessive disorders is the inability to stop thinking about something and compulsive disorder is the need to perform a particular behaviour again and again.

Post traumatic stress disorder : This disorder is often experienced by a person after being exposed to a extremely traumatic situation , such as caught in a major accident , loss of a loved one , break up from a long term relationship . Symptoms include recurrent dream , flashback , impaired concentration and emotional numbing .

Ways to deal with anxiety disorder

The most reliable and effective way to deal with anxiety disorder is to seek help . Consulting a psychologist is highly recommended . A psychologist not only help the individual to deal with their disorder , but also provide them with a judgement free environment to discuss their feelings .

A person with anxiety or any other psychological disorder needs a social support network . Talking to a trustworthy family member or friend also does help . If someone for that matter approaches you to talk about their anxiety , then providing them with a judgement free environment is least one can do . Telling them to stop overthinking or staying calm doesn’t help , since they themselves might not be aware why they are feeling this way .
Listening to their thoughts and providing them comfortable space to share their thoughts does help. Telling them you are with them in this would make them feel supported.

Encouraging them to develop a hobby would also help. Hobbies does divert the mind from the feeling of anxiety . At the same time, since they learn something new it help them boast their confidence.

To all the people going through this, it is not constant .This hard times too shall pass . Let’s fight with the devils of your brain together , you are not alone in this .