Getting educated is imperative in today’s society, world economies, commerce, and business are excelling at rapid paces with new emerging technologies. The pace that information is shared is astounding and those who cannot adapt will be left behind. The centerpiece to staying relevant in this fast-paced environment is educating yourself on current trends and advances.

Many think that a formal education from an institution that leaves you with a degree is the key, but to the contrary, it isn’t. Having a degree is essential to being marketable but that is the tip of the iceberg.

Many millennials with multiple degrees are having difficult times acquiring jobs thinking that a degree or in some cases an advanced degree will secure their future. You have to continue to add tools to your toolbelt to keep yourself in the game. Skills such as knowledge in technology, online marketing, networking, finance, and social media are a ground base of skills that you need to be adept in.

You can no longer be a one-trick pony in this world, the landscape is too competitive. The sharing of information is at an all-time high and through technology, you can gain these skills from places like Youtube, weekend or week-long Bootcamps, and Meetup groups.

A breakdown of the bare minimum things that everyone should know in today’s culture.

  • Technology. Having a general understanding of coding goes a long way, learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These are the foundational elements that make the web work in today’s Internet Age.
  • Online Marketing. Learn about SEO, SEM, and Online Advertising. Having an understanding of these areas will greatly enhance what you bring to the table when it comes to knowing how to drive traffic in the online world.
  • Networking. With the advances that came along with technology also brought along the unwillingness of people wanting to rub elbows. You need to know how to interact with others in social atmospheres.
  • Finance. Knowing the driving factors of commerce is huge and finance is the cornerstone of it. Learn about Global Markets, different types of investing, Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Active vs Passive investing.
  • Social Media. Social Media isn’t all about seeing the current status of your friend’s lives, there is an explosion in the online influencer world, learning how to tap into this market is vital.

In the broadest sense, education is what gives people access to learning and when one learns something, they have the opportunity to acquire knowledge that can be processed, reflected upon, and recalled in a variety of circumstances and interpersonal relationships both personally and professionally.

In terms of scholastic education, when young children have a solid and positive foundation that instills the joy of learning through exploration and discovery, they start to form positive habits of becoming lifelong learners. By the time they approach middle school, they are prepared to take on more sophisticated challenges when approaching a range of subject matter that can help them define their path of study along with rediscovering themselves within the world as they go through physical, emotional, and mental changes.

Without having primary, secondary, and at the very least, undergraduate level education or vocational training, individuals will find themselves virtually “iced-out” of true possibility of financial stability as they enter into adulthood.

What the global community needs to understand is that education has to be at the forefront of our minds—starting within our homes, within school districts, society, and reaching up to the governing level. The day that we stop learning is the day that we stop living.