Sino-Indian Relations

The violent clash between the Indian and the Chinese army is all over the news. While 20 of our jawans were martyred and over a 100 injured, reports claim that the damage inflicted upon the dragons was even more. Well, whatever the news reports say the fact of the matter is that a lot of bloodshed was caused, many families were disrupted and a few precious lives were lost.

I find it very sad and hurtful that the Indian media goes on to romanticize and glamorize such armed struggles. Yes it is true that these brave men laid down their lives for the nation but these journalists do not realize that every time they go onto say that ‘we are going to avenge the death of our men’ they do not understand that all that they are doing is instigating the public. Now there is a lot of political pressure that goes into any war or an armed fight and a major factor behind this pressure is the public. When crores and crores of Indians are filled with vengeance towards China the government in a lot of ways is forced to give a stronger retaliation than the actual attack. I am not trying to say that we should just ignore the soldiers’ martyrdom and what China has been doing to us but it is very easy for us to say that we want a war and we want to give a befitting reply little realizing that the ‘we’ in these statements is the defense after all. You and I are not going to Ladakh for that reply, are we? It is the soldiers who’ll have to lay down their lives to avenge the death of their brothers which is only going to cause more bloodshed. More families will be broken and more children orphaned, do we ever give this thought?

When the prime minister has the audacity to say that we are going to fight back does he ever think about our soldiers? Sitting in his air conditioned cabin it is very easy for him to say this. Why doesn’t he come out and apologize for this? Why isn’t he being questioned? Why doesn’t he ever say that he will personally have a word with the Chinese premier and ask for an answer? You know why he doesn’t do all this, because he doesn’t have the courage which the army does. He doesn’t have the love for India which these martyrs do. A lot of us think that this just a game of politics. Some of us write about it, some of us debate about this while many of us participate in it with all glory.

To everyone reading this reading this, just close your eyes for a second and imagine the person you love the most coming back wrapped in the tricolour. You will understand what families of armymen go through every single day and then probably you will have the brain to question the government and not ask for a war.