Tips to avoid procrastination

Procrastination is known as avoiding the task that needs to be accomplished by a deadline. It blocks you from getting up making the right decisions and living the dream life you’ve thought of.In addition, feelings of regret and guilt resulting from missed opportunities tend to stay with people much longer.

How to stop procrastination
You can learn as much as you want about self-discipline, motivation, planning and time management, but unless you make what you learn part of your daily routine, your habits, your thinking patterns and your mental models, it will be only useless information stored in your memory without ever helping you.

Why do people procrastinate?

Willpower is often perceived to be the leading cause of procrastination, but it is mainly our intrinsic motivation that helps us to overcome the habit of putting things off on daily basis.

1. Decision paralysis

The number of opportunities that today’s world offers is staggering. Modern society idolizes individual liberty in the belief that the freer people are, the happier they will be. So then why aren’t people today significantly happier than in the past? Because with more freedom to make our own decisions and to perform our actions, we have become easily confused about what is a priority

2. Ignoring The Value of Time

We were all born and unfortunately at some point will all die too. The time we spend on Earth is both limited and finite. In light of these facts, time is the most valuable commodity you have. It’s not money; unlike time, you can borrow money, save, or earn more. You can’t do that with time. Every single second you waste is gone forever.

3. Lack of self-discipline

You can imagine self-discipline or self-control as a moment when you give yourself orders, but you are having a hard time following them. It is not the primary cause of procrastination, but an important compound. To be disciplined, you need to have the correct type of motivation and learn to maintain and work on positive habits.

Tips to avoid procrastination

1.Personal vision
The personal vision is one of the core tools, it helps you understand your skills and priorities, and by creating one, you will never feel lost in what is it that you want to do with your life. The personal vision as well helps you to focus your effort on the right activities and set priorities to avoid continually switching between actions. Understand what motivates you, and you will be able to maintain your discipline and make the most out of each day.

2. Plan your day
When you wake up you should make your to-do list. It will make you productive and will increase your focus. It is there to do urgent work every day prioritizing the work on your schedule. With its help you will be able to manage time.

3. Habit list
Learning new habits is one of the basic elements of personal development. If we make a habit of doing something, its implementation requires less mental energy to do it. Learning new habits is, therefore, very important.

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